When Will The Quiet Obsession End?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of the best games we've ever seen, and the community can't seem to do anything but drool over Quiet.

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itsjustexuma1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

When writers stop creating clickbait articles about her

3-4-51322d ago

Douchey media keep doing things and then asking why those things are happening.

Either they are stupid or lying.

Silly Mammo1322d ago

The Gaming Media really does create their own news so that they have something to write about.

bmf73641322d ago

It's like when Ken Levine demanded people to stop making Elizabeth porn of Bioshock. It just resulted in more porn.

rainslacker1322d ago

Considering real news(the interesting kind I mean) only comes around once or twice a month...if they're lucky...what else can they do?

99% of real gaming news gets so little attention because it's pretty mundane and more about regurgitating press releases.

Gozer1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Quiet isnt anything new to anyone familiar with Metal Gear. For many different possible reasons H. Kojima adds sexuality into his games. This game is hardly the first. Does it arouse anyone thats seen the real thing? Lol probably not, at least I hope not. Either way, he has found the formula for making a game be a game, and the game is fun. Lord knows his writing is atrocious, but its fun nonetheless. I really hope that this isnt his last game. He is a veteran of decades and it would be a loss to see him leave.

Personally, I would like to see him start anew. Head Designer, with a team of writers. Im thinking trilogy with a cohesive story, and his wisdom with design.

olliec94931322d ago

I don't know metal gearwell but i'm inclined to agree.I don't think Quiet as she is presented in the footage I've seen is all that well designed. Obviously very deliberate sexualisation for the sake of the audience and I do feel that would break my immersion. But I don't think it's any more sexist in principle than anything else put out by the industry. It's just silly and in a game where you're strapping people to balloons and such I don't think it's the worst sin ever in games design. Were this in the last of us or something it would be atrocious but i feel, at least from what I've seen, that metal gear doesn't take itself too seriously

Count_Bakula1322d ago

It's nothing new to..the world either haha. It's just cleavage and some skin. It's like 120 degrees in Afghanistan and it's not like her name is Decoy Fetus and she's running around sniping soldiers with tampons or something. It's completely benign; people are just so damn thin-skinned these days.

donthate1322d ago


I think the issue of it being more "sexualixed" is kind of moot. What people want is not sexualized....

bmf73641322d ago

He's been working close with Guillermo del Toro and he visited JJ Abrams before MGSV's launch. It's clear that Kojima's name is well associated with Hollywood's biggest directors/writers even when Kojima himself works in an completely different form of media.

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MysticStrummer1322d ago

When the next overblown gaming controversy comes along. Call of Duty will be releasing soon, so maybe we'll get some articles about video game violence and how it impacts the human brain.

1322d ago
McGamer1322d ago

Emman, I could not have said it better myself.

garrettbobbyferguson1322d ago

This. Until this generation of writers is phased out and replaced with others who (hopefully) won't be as "un-progressive" as these ones; the articles about how showing boobs is bad will keep flowing.

LackTrue4K1322d ago

I'm surprised the midia has not say anything thing about.
Her being "quite"

Lol....what I mean is

"Bitch be quite"

ifistbrowni1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

how many times are you going to post this joke?

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OhMyGandhi1322d ago

..and another article is released.

BG115791322d ago

Or another game is release so that feminazi may get angry about another game, that they will never play.

ChrisW1322d ago

I really never understood the fascination from the beginning. She's not all that good looking and most of the fans only like her for her not wearing much.

WeAreLegion1322d ago

She's insanely good looking.

ChrisW1322d ago

Do bear in mind that I'm not saying she's butt-ugly. It's just that if you actually take a minute to look at her face, and not solely her womanly bits, she's a little homely - just a little.

But, whatever! Each to their own.

WeAreLegion1322d ago

I'm ONLY looking at her face. Gorgeous. I like that look though. The soft look.

ChrisW1321d ago

You know... That's a thing that is probably making her more popular that she really should be.

Lame people like us arguing about her looks.

vanity291322d ago

She's really cute. That's a given cuz her model is cute asf

SuperBlunt1322d ago

The obsession mentioned is because of her outfit. Apparently everyone online is amish and cant stand to see a wonan in a bikini top

MasterCornholio1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

People act like they never seen a DOA game before......

Its not like its the first time that we seen this.

eyeDEVOUR1322d ago

She could wear a fat suit and id still love that face...

timeisnigh1321d ago

LOL! Cause, hey! Fat people need loving too, I guess.

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Unyoked1322d ago

When Quiet stops being a badass

Agent_00_Revan1322d ago

Or when they stop posting pics of dat ass in the headline.

Summons751322d ago

Right? She's the best buddy in the game but all the reporters see is a make believe scandal due to her character design. Who cares, awesome character and an intelligent buddy...she's awesome.