Ex-Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell wins epic legal fight with former bosses

Marty O’Donnell, the composer who created the music for the Halo and Destiny video games, has won his case in a legal battle with his former employer Bungie.

Under a final ruling issued today from a court-appointed arbitrator, Bungie must honor its agreements with O’Donnell that gave him the right to hold a considerable share of stock in the company. And the filing contains for the first time the ordeal that O’Donnell went through as he quarreled with Bungie over issues of creative freedom and stock ownership in the company that he cofounded. The court papers reveal the unseen story of the making of Destiny, and the internal struggles that happened between Activision, the publisher, and Bungie, the developer of the game that is now played by millions.

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deantak1324d ago

It's a rare look inside Bungie.

cl19831324d ago

Nope he's already started a new game studio.

Septic1324d ago

Yeah and makes you really despise thr Bungie / Activision relationship even more

yewles11324d ago

Unexpected, and great for him.

tanukisuit1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Wow, so Activision [did] put a lot of pressure onto Bungie.

TheHaloGuy1324d ago

There was never any doubt. All games should go to kickstarter and be rid of publishers already. I'm tired of the shady sit that happens with big corps.

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The story is too old to be commented.