First Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox 360 images released

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have relased the first screenshots for the Xbox 360 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Nixxes Software is handling development of the last-gen version. The game will premiere first for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on November 10, this year.

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DarkOcelet2155d ago

The game looks really good on X360. I honestly expected this to be a lousy port like Dragon Age Inquisition or Shadow Of Mordor.

Offcourse The Xone version is still the definitive version but the X360 still looks damn good.

And still no news on MP mode. I hope its dead.

Endless_X2155d ago

"And still no news on MP mode. I hope its dead."

There won't be Multiplayer:

DarkOcelet2155d ago

Really? That just made my day. I know people will disagree but...

Day 1 On Xbox360! I will definitely get it on XboxOne when i buy it. Still waiting for Quantum Break XboxOne bundle.

Deadlead2155d ago

@DarkOcelet Totally agree man, the 360 version is quite impressive. I've been considering grabbing an XB1 recently for this and GoW: UE. But guess I can hold off a little longer now as I just picked up the original 360 Gears. Still wanna play SSO but its not going anywhere.

Genuine-User2155d ago

Is the base game exactly the same on both consoles?

DarkOcelet2155d ago

Aside from the graphics, yeah.

Genuine-User2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Thanks for the info. Here's hoping we see finer/additional animations for Lara's movement and interaction in the Xbox One version.

Sheikh Yerbouti2154d ago

Other than some dirt of Lara's shoulder and a lower res...yeah! Looks good.

Golden302154d ago

The tings is..There is not much of an difference between X360 & XBone specs wise

UkrainianWarrior2154d ago

Yes, you're right. The X1 can push ONLY like 6-8 times more polygons per second, but otherwise there isn't much difference at all...

pelenow2154d ago

Yeah I think the PS3 is MORE powerful than PS4. It just has less RAM.

MRMagoo1232154d ago


What has the ps4 or ps3 got to do with anything anyone said ? Way to go completely off topic to defend the xbone.

OT it seems that the people that get this game on the 360 will be pretty happy with the outcome.

pelenow2154d ago


OT I was making the same comparison as this post. Both are equally ridiculous.

Tankz10002154d ago

@pelenow Funny thing is a quick look at his profile show's he is a pure Playstation fan boy. Not many posts but all either taking the piss about a different console or all about the "Godstation"

I'm all for PS, XBOX & PC, but this site does have some good chuckles.
I wouldn't be surprised if this comment as double if quad the dislikes than the likes.

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raymantalk12154d ago

looks good just like all lara croft games

Josuey2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

What is it with people being happy games not having multiplayer? Pretty selfish IMO, if you enjoyed the last TR or metal gear solid V, then idk what Singleplayer purists are happy about. Because both of those games are great and have multiplayer. Having multiplayer does not take away from the singleplayer quality, studios like naughty dog make both modes perfect. I got a bit anoyed when single player purists were happy about the nathan drake collection not having multiplayer that was just wrong.

DarkOcelet2154d ago

If TR multiplayer was actually good then i would have welcomed it but it was plain bad. It felt like something they put in the last 6 months of development.

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Sonyslave32155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

The game look good but why my main console not getting any love the ps3 that unfair.

DillyDilly2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

You have Street Fighter 5 on PS4 so enjoy that

MasterCornholio2154d ago

Well and this game as well but a year later.

I can wait though.

On Topic: The 360 version looks pretty good. However I'm more worried about the framerate though.

dragon822154d ago

How does that help his PS3? lol

Clunkyd2154d ago


Why ask questions that you already know?

the-dragons-bane2155d ago

That looks pretty good.

I'm curious to see what the PS4 and PC versions look like,

Takwin2155d ago

Yeah, I'll get it on Steam for cheap once it has all its DLC and I can play is at 1600p or higher.

Jmanzare2155d ago

So you're going to wait 2 years?

jb2272155d ago

Have they confirmed that it'll get dlc? Since there's no mp this time around the only dlc it'd see would be sp..I'd like to see what CD did for an sp dlc so hopefully they try it out...maybe they put it out in time for the ps4 release and drop a goty version w/ that included if they decide to make one.

Peace_Love_and_FPS2154d ago


Actually it's a really good plan, but it definitely takes a lot of self control with all these crazy good games coming out. I've had to do it recently myself to save money, created a heavy backlog on PSN and Steam with PS+, humble bundle/steam sales, and a ton of new games on both platforms in order to play basically free aside from PSN for the next two years.

I'm fine with waiting 2 years, I can't really afford not to :) but hey, 2 years and I'll be able to just keep playing games at a delayed rate, even after post-secondary (with a few exceptions).

Clunkyd2154d ago

I can guarantee you having 360 specs on a PC wont even be playable.
Optimization is key.

sorane2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Yeah because you won't even be able to set the graphics as low as 360 graphics. Optimization has nothing to do with it. An i3 and 750ti prove all those optimization myths wrong. You can't even set PC graphics as low as some xbox1/ps4 games already so why would they bother going as low as 360 graphics.

_-EDMIX-_2154d ago

@Sorane- you sure?

Clunkyd is correct. The specs of a 360 or PS3 won't even run a game on PC, you can't even run a PC with the specs of those consoles as the ram requirement for the OS is not enough.

sorane2154d ago


Yeah I'm 100% positive no matter how many useless links you throw out. So no, he is not correct. Of course the PC version is based on the next gen version so there will never be any way to tell because as I said before the PC version will never be able to match the much lower graphics of the 360 version.

Clunkyd2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )


Like I said, PC with 360 specs wont run the game as it would on 360. Stop trying to spin things around.
You're wrong.

sorane2153d ago


Like I said it's because the PC version won't even be able to set the graphics as low as the 360 version since it's the next gen version. You're the only one spinning things here. Why would they make a 2016 AAA PC game that runs on hardware that's been extinct for a decade? It doesn't make sense when not a single person would try to play it at those settings.

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thelwebb1002155d ago

These screens prove how overrated XB1 and PS4 are compared to their predecessors.

DarkOcelet2155d ago

Did you see the graphics in-game. They look ravishingly stunning.

If you cant see that then you need to wear glasses.

OC_MurphysLaw2155d ago

Still screen shots can make anything look good...go see Aliens Colonial Marines on console screen shots...then watch it in motion.

Ashunderfire862154d ago

Yeah but Colonial Marines had a graphical downgrade when it finally released, so of course it looked bad in motion. The First look footage was vastly different.

Griever2155d ago

Well, yeah the jump wasnt as big as compared to last gen but it isnt as small as some make it out to be. Screenshots can be very deceptive as it was revealed in the recent MGS5 analysis by DF. The last gen versions look great in screenshots but they actually run at sub-720p resolution with poor anti-aliasing, texture pop-in, poor draw-distance, low resolution textures, sparse foliage, and sub-30 frame rate. You can never notice those kind of performance issues in screenshots. The same (probably) goes for this game. We need to see both versions in motion.

jb2272154d ago

That's true, even beyond resolutions I think the biggest factors that are crossing the uncanny valley are things like the better volumetric smoke on the temple, more detail in the wire mesh that portrays shapes better, the increased detail in the foliage, the subsurface scattering on the skin & the increased detail in draw distance. These are small things on a screenshot but when they all come together it really makes for a better experience. I agree that the 360 version looks good but the XBO version will obviously best it in motion. This gen isn't about a huge leap to the eye, it's about the huge leap in processing power that it takes to nail these small details to subconsciously create a better full package. We will never see a leap like we did from ps2 to ps3 era because technology is all about exponential expansion, but we've already met the requirements for convincing worlds, now we are hitting those fine details that create true to life movement and environments.

thelwebb1002154d ago

Like I said, last gen still looks great enough to where it doesn't take away from the experience. Overall graphically, this gen is dissapointing

FITgamer2154d ago

Wait until we see how it performs before making that assumption.

SonyWarrior2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

I have gta5 on ps3 and ps4 after playing gta5 on ps4 for about 3 months i booted up the ps3 version just to see how much downgrade there was and omg...... it was very big step down the graphics were so blurry to me it rendered it unplayable to me not to mention the poor frame rate. PS4 and XB1 are definatly a huge step up. people like you obviously dont have both gens to compair in person looking at 2 inch screen shots dont do it

MRMagoo1232154d ago

Yes the difference between gtav on ps3 to ps4 is massive imo, the ps4 version is so much clearer and the frame rate is much more steady , loads more plant life and animals and traffic too.

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ClayRules20122155d ago

Xbox 360 owners, your version of Rise of the Tomb Raider looks really darn good.

Nixxes is doing a really nice job, with squeezing all they can out've the 360.

Much respect!

Peace_Love_and_FPS2154d ago

Blows my mind what they can do with old hardware like that! Agreed, respect to Nixxes for a great looking port so far, keep it up!

ClayRules20122154d ago

Blows my mind too. I remember reading an article where a dev from ND said something like "Even though we've pushed the PS3 to its limits, with TLoU, I believe we may be able to push PS3 even more"

snoopgg2154d ago

Great a new game for my 360. Although I still have a backlog of games to play on it from last gen. Not enough time, sucks to have to work for a living.

ClayRules20122154d ago

Lol, oh the joys of being an adult. I know what you mean buddy. I hope you're able to get to all of those games eventually.