EA's Peter Moore sees explosion of women in game development

Opportunities for women are growing at Electronic Arts, one of the biggest video game publishers in the world. Some of the biggest upcoming games at EA are helmed by women.

“We’ve gone from the personification of what we believe women should look like in a video game, to actually involving women in making video games, to today where at Electronic Arts we have some of our most powerful franchises overseen by women who manage hundreds of men,” Peter Moore, COO of Electronic Arts, says.

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jagiii1321d ago

So much for GamerGate being bad for the industry...

-Foxtrot1321d ago

It never was

They only tried to stand up for the bullshit journalism from sites like Kotaku, Polygon and the like, the ones we all shake our heads at most of the time on here...when they did it was twisted by those very same sites (and the industry people involved) to try and cover themselves.

Such a shame how far it got twisted to cover up the real message.

WilliamUsher1321d ago

The sad reality is that the anti-GG groups did more harm in bringing women into the gaming industry.

Constantly peddling lies and misinformation that if you're a female game dev you'll be "raped and murdered" (according to the CBC) created an atmosphere of fear based on the peddling of a narrative by corrupt journalists.

EA will try to come out looking like the good guy in this, which is kind of sickening because they couldn't even stand up for their own audience when they needed them the most and say "Hey, not all gamers are sexist, misogynistic, murdering, transphobic rapists. We support gamers because they support the gaming industry".

rainslacker1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Gamergate was bad for the gaming press, not the gaming industry.

Otherwise, not sure if I should mark you for off-topic given that GG isn't about women in the industry, or female representation in games.

That being said, the SJW anti-GG types, or whatever you want to call them didn't do much. Personally, I don't like any company bowing down to social pressure from a vocal minority, and would prefer they hire capable, talented people to do the job regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or whatever. Bringing in Anita Sarkeesian in as a consultant does not achieve this, and it's insulting to truly talented people who understand the medium, or understand the actual premise of story-telling regardless of medium.

All that being said, while EA has often had some of the stupidest ideas on what was consumer friendly, and actually swallowed their own BS, they have been a very forward thinking company when it comes to inclusion for a very long time now, so I doubt GG had much to do with it.

DevilOgreFish1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

why did they change Faith to look more older? I liked the way she looked in the 2013 trailer. now the game feels more like a sequel than a prequel or reboot.

Original Mirror's edge Faith (2008)

Mirror's Edge catalyst

looks much more like a sequel than a prequel.

blackblades1321d ago

Rendering difference and it's a new generation graphics. She looks better now imo.

yewles11321d ago

WHAT SAVAGERY!!! Those poor women being blasted to bits by the hardships of game development... Wait, what--

N0TaB0T1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I just want likable characters regardless of the race, color, shape, height, or dimension of their creator.

Now let's just relax and play some games already. Get off these subjects.

Unyoked1321d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself

donthate1321d ago

I want like able diversified and deep characters. That means other ethnicities than primarily white ideals of beauty, and the occasional token black guy.

Gears of War did a great job of having many ethnicities and should receive credit for that.

Even games made by Japanese devs have primarily white people in it! Diversity please!!! :D

rainslacker1321d ago

I recall GeOW did get some praise for their inclusion and representation of different races. Not that I would consider their representation of people in general all that profound, but I never found it insulting or stereotypical...maybe a bit tropish at times, but nothing wrong with that.

The diversity is out there, but market forces tend to keep the majority of characters in line with the target audience. If women became a dominate purchasing force in hardcore gaming, you'd expect to see more female characters, but realistically, when it comes to character, most people understand that all those things are usually secondary to great character development.

Biggest problem I see is this forcing of the whole diversity into characters for diversity sake. What hurts more is there are times when they try to shoe-horn it into the story when it isn't necessary. Think about any popular character in gaming. If you changed their race would it make any difference. Think Nathan Drake and Lara Croft. Two characters which are basically in similar genres, and the stories are very similar. Is one character worse or better than the other...and if so, is that reason due to one being male, and one being female?

Anyhow, I could go on, but I'm in a pretty decent move, and you don't want to read my rambling.:)

donthate1320d ago


I don't think you shoudl shoehorn it in, but let's face it the entire industry is dominated by white males creating content for the rest of us.

I would love to see more females and other ethnicities involved in making games and hopefully they will draw from their experience instead of what they "think" will sell which is typically the white male character.

To me it made a huge difference in Gears to see diversity in characters that I can choose. Each with their own background. Despite the very masculine characters.

That said, I think a lot of "racism" in society stems from groups of people never really interacted with outer races.

Like you I could go on, but I will spare you.

rainslacker1320d ago

At the same time, the vast majority of the hardcore gamer are also white males. Maybe circular logic as white male developer caters to white male target audience, it all becomes self-fufilling, etc, etc until our heads explode from trying to analyze why what is what.

However, I think that one of the biggest reasons nowadays that the industry is white male dominate(at least on the western front), is more due to the fact that the people in it now are the ones that grew up with games, and for the most part, that was predominately white males. Technology industries in general suffer from lack of interest from females exploring said fields, and game design in general is a fairly specific field in tech that people go into more because of their passion for games than anything else.

To me, a creative person is a creative person, and diversity is welcome when it brings something good to the table. I can only think of a couple blatent examples of shoehorning, both from Bioware, but in those cases, I would say it was at least handled tastefully. There may be other examples, but I just never paid attention. I do believe that people are quick to jump the gun and assume that something is shoehorned in, or only done to cater to a certain group without having all the information...and I'd say 9 out of 10 times, these controversies are not controversial at all.

As far as GeOW, I'd say that I never really considered the diversity of the characters, just that they were good characters.

TWB1321d ago

More like the industry is much more afraid of the crazy feminist.

Though I dont care if the outcome leads to more female characters, as long as it doesnt lead to more shoehorned and forced characters (male and female).

Faith was always good, Ripleys daughter (whos name I currently dont remember) was also pretty great in Alien: Isolation. Even the voice actor in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for player created female character was very memorable (probably because she reminded me of Ellen Ripley from Alien)