MGS4: This is not important

Michael Abbott:

''My friend Steve Gaynor wrote me to say that he finally finished Metal Gear Solid 4 "out of spite." I was curious about his opinion of the game, partly because I respect his judgment so much, but also because I've struggled to articulate my own thoughts about the game. What exactly is it about MGS4 that disappointed me so much? I've already written about Kojima's cinematic blind spot, but that doesn't fully account for it. And why, if I was so disappointed, did I bother to finish it?

Steve may have finished it out of spite, but I finished the game out of an inexplicable sense of obligation. To whom or what, I don't know. I was supposed to review it for PopMatters, but I bowed out after sitting down to write it twice and getting nowhere. Konami wouldn't provide a review copy, so I had planned to do it on my own dime. In the end, I couldn't muster the enthusiasm for spending more time thinking about the game. I was exhausted and just wanted to move on.''

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morganfell4322d ago

And IGN was wrong in a way. It isn't there fault per se as the scale doesn't really allow for games over 10.

But MGS4 is so far above a 10 it isn't funny. I could almost take a 10 if these crap games like Bourne received their just score of a 4 or 5.

With the way they award a rating at IGN there needs to be a 15 for MGS4.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

This is not important -

Michael Abbott?????????? WHO?????????


His mate Steve GAYnor???????????? WHO???????????


His Dog Rex????????????? WHO?????????????? ;-D

My mates sisters brother who knows someones dad who went out with his mate mum who worked with his brothers mate who owns a xBox 360 and hates PS3 and SONY played the game didn't like it!!! ;-D

It's a shame any old N00B-HEAD can use the internet init!!! ;-D ;-D More like!!! ;-D

MGS4 10/10
PS3 10/10
PS3 Fans;) 10/10

Orange4322d ago

"The Brainy Gamer
Thoughtful conversation about video games"

Drawing parallels between a work and Citizen Kane is brainy and thoughtful when you're a freshman in high school. And about as interesting and thought provoking as a cardboard box when you're a freshman in college.

Try again, brainy gamer.

Sony sucks balls4322d ago

Yeah it should be put right up there with Superman 64.

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Viktor E4322d ago

Kojima delivers a Classic.

GameOn4322d ago

Metacritic = 9.4/10 (same as gears)

How do you feel about that?

Viktor E4322d ago

The high point of Modern Gaming.

Montrealien4322d ago

funny coming from a guy that has not even finished it.

Viktor E4322d ago

A Breathtaking experience only found on the Playstation 3.

Montrealien4322d ago

You have to actually own a PS3 to be able to say that.

stormymctard4322d ago

even i wouldnt rate it 11/10 more like 12/10 haha jk i would give it a 9.7 not a perfect cuz i found one problem with was the cover system but still great game

morganfell4322d ago

Yes but you can't rate the game standalone using IGN's system. Rate it against the other games there that have received high scores and it has to go over 10.

It is that far above them in terms of innovation alone. As I stated above, if some of these so called high rated games received the correct and just score then I could buy into a score below 10.