Resident Evil 5 is expected to sell 2.3 million units

Capcom has published its sales target for upcoming titles. Resident Evil 5 sales are expected to reach 2.3 million units.

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Harry1904326d ago

will have such high sales figures. Maybe they are relying on old school fans too much.

hazeblaze4326d ago

Actually, I thought there estimates for Bionic Commando and Re5 were low! I think that BC will easily sell over 1M on both consoles, and RE5 will probably do 3-3.5M combined on both consoles.

I did think that the projections for SFIV was too high though. I know that the series has a large fan base... but I don't think the mainstream will be drawn to it.

Doppy4326d ago

I agree some of the estimates were low. I expect Bionic Commando and Dead Rising to sell around their targets (as long as Bionic Commando is entertaining it will meet it's target). But I expect SF4 to sell at least 2.5 mil and Resident Evil 5 to sell at least 3.5 mil. Capcom should make over half a billion off these games.

bakasora4321d ago

Im actually more excited about RE5 than FF13

skynidas4326d ago

I think that Resident Evil 5 will sell at least 3 million units, and street fighter at least 2 million, but i dont think that Bionic Commando will sell that much, i think that it will sell 1 million

La Chance4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

will sell more than 3 million.Its multiplat plus the install base for PS3 and 360 are going to be even bigger.

I really cant wait for RE5.Those e3 tralers were awsome.

edit : do I have a disagree gang tracking me or what ? what is there to disagree about in my post ?

edit 2 :@ceeduyba9, you know what ? I edited my post and 2 seconds later your post popped up.I agree with you , thres somthing "fishy" going on.

ceedubya94326d ago

It seems that you are constantly being abused by the disagree bandits.

Ghoul4326d ago

not that im disagreeing with you lachance but it may be because you opened several new accoutnts after reachin 1 bubble, and that annoys some people and disagree with you whenever possible.

like i said im not of of them i only disagree when i reply.

La Chance4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

This is only my 2nd account.

I joined n4g in october last year and since november last year or something like that I only had 2 bubbles.Without saying anything over the top that day my account went from 5 to 2 bubbles.I
I know that sometimes fanboys from both sides get together to rip off someones bubbles.I even got a "confirmation" of those doings from a well "respected" guy on N4G who is Sony biaised.Not going to reveal his name because I promised not to.

I was just waiting to get to 1 bubble to get a new account.It took a bit longer than I was hoping but I finaly got to one bubble so I created a new account a couple of days ago.

Now I got a disagree gang , take away bubble gang that disagrees with me even when I say something as banal as "This game is huge" or "I like that"

solidt124326d ago

I think RE5 will do at least 3.5 Million.

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Rockstar4326d ago

should sell more than that easily.

Alexander Roy4326d ago

That would be less than half of MGS4 has sold yet (5mio, right? Anybody has more recent numbers?). I doubt that, because 1) it has a huge fanbase everywhere and 2) it's multiplat.

flash744326d ago

5 million, wishfull thinking! It has only sold 2.66 million, check vgchartz.

Alexander Roy4326d ago

For a split second, I thought you meant I should check VGChartz. HaHa!
Oh... you really think they are a reliable source?

Harry1904326d ago

best joke of the day amigo,best joke of the day.

Domenikos4326d ago

With the MGS4 PS3 bundles, i cant tell u the number but its increasing fast.

hazeblaze4326d ago

The 2.66M does not include bundles... so yea, it probably is near 5M, or at least 4M. But it also probably wouldn't have sold quite as much w/o the bundle.

flash744326d ago

Yeah, I guess I should go with numbers someone made up to support their comment rather than go with a non-biased sales tracking site. They must be getting paid off for what I'm not sure.

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bluecapone4326d ago

RE5 will sell way more then 2.3 million thats fact

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