Gamervision Review: PixelJunk Eden


''Forget everything you know about PixelJunk series, this game has nothing to do with either a group of cars racing or a whole bunch of monsters. In fact, Pixeljunk Eden doesn't really have anything to do with anything, and very little about this game can be compared to any other. The game features some of the simplest graphics on the PlayStation 3 and makes no use of the system's unique features, relying solely on addicting gameplay and sleek visuals.

Oh boy, here is the part of the review where I try and describe the gameplay without making the game sound like crap. Well, here we go: up to three people can play cooperatively as Grimps, little shrimp-like creatures that can attach to plants and swing using silk. By colliding with floating pollen, the Grimps can activate seeds, which grow into plants, acting like platforms to reach objects called "Spectra." There, different enough for you? I know, none of that really makes sense, but trust me when I say the gameplay mechanics work. Pixeljunk Eden has a well functioning physics system that make the swinging and jumping mechanics work wonderfully, and jumping from plant to plant, collecting pollen along the way is a calming and euphoric feeling. For as strange as it is the game is also as fun and addicting as anything else on the PlayStation Network.''

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villevalorox4318d ago

this game is fun.! worth the 10 dollars i think.