Fighting Against Piracy

Calin Ciabai:

''Earlier today I wrote a report about how piracy hampered the PC sales of Devil May Cry 4 and that was the moment when I realized that this is probably the most debated topic when it comes to PC gaming: piracy. According to game developers, that's the main reason behind their departure from the old PC systems to consoles. And I must admit that, just like everybody else on this planet, I stared to ask myself why the companies can't do anything on the matter.

Nintendo is one of the latest firms which have been trying to do something about pirates by starting the war against R4 chip manufacturers
in what is, probably, the biggest mission of the kind. However, this is not a typical approach to the situation, since usually game developers strive to create codes which cannot be cracked rather than try to stop the process entirely. On the other hand, the R4 chip only affects Nintendo DS consoles and it is, after all, a piece of hardware that should not (according to the suing companies) be produced anymore.

So, what happens to PC games? Are indeed giants like Electronic Arts, Activision and all the other developers and publishers unable to create a code which can't be hacked? Usually, games hit torrent sites almost instantly, on the same day as the official release. This probably means that the protection codes were very weak, right? Then, they should improve them, change them, keep trying (without harming the gamer's experience, of course) until they hit the jackpot.''

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