Giant Bomb Review: Guitar Hero Aerosmith


''Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is, according to Activision, just the first of many band-specific Guitar Hero games--a concept that I inherently find to be pretty questionable. It doesn't help that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is a pretty slapdash product which features fewer songs, a narrower range of songs, and no DLC support, yet it commands the same premium price as Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. A deep appreciation for Aerosmith is an obvious necessity to really enjoy this game, but even then it's missing a number of tracks by the Boston quintet that seem rather essential.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith uses the same familiar single-player progression as previous Guitar Hero games, challenging you to complete songs in groups of five before moving on to the next set. Cleverly, the game presents each set as a full concert performance at some critical point in Aerosmith's career, starting with Aerosmith's very first performance in a high-school gym, and ending with their induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

It's not All Aerosmith All the Time, though, with the first two songs in each set being provided by bands that have actually played with Aerosmith, including Cheap Trick, The Clash, Run DMC, The Black Crowes, Ted Nugent, and more. With the exception of Run DMC's "Rock Box," which unnervingly features a digital DMC mouthing both vocal parts, the opening bands are all portrayed by the same house band seen in Guitar Hero III.''

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