Microsoft Holds Xbox One Fanfest in Taiwan; Check Out The Crowd in Attendance and Line-Up

The Xbox One was launched in Taiwan on September 23rd, 2014, and to celebrate the upcoming anniversary, Microsoft hosted today a fanfest showcase event in Taipei similar to the one held at E3 and Gamescom.

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TheGreatGamer1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Glad to hear it, even if it isn't a big fan base out there i'm glad they're still catering to fans

Abriael1327d ago

Taiwan and Japan are different. I don't think we have precise data on the Xbox One's performance in Taiwan, actually.

TheGreatGamer1327d ago

Yeah you're both right, I hold my hands up to that geographical error. I remember from studying History that Taiwan was part of japan only before WW2 but completely forgot that. Either way, I know Xbox isn't performing too well in Asia so I'd assume it isn't doing too well in Taiwan although it could be doing okay I don't know. Still, point remains it's good they're making an effort for the fans out there

donthate1327d ago

Well based on the attendance at the party, it looks like Xbox One is quite popular in Taiwan or they have very dedicated fans.

I don't think Taiwanese people identify themselves as Japanese. My native Taiwanese friend do not. In fact, he prefers China and now lives there!

Manic20141327d ago

Taiwan is part of the republic of china....

Abriael1327d ago

well Taiwain *is* the republic of China :D

Magicite1327d ago

Look at that Halo dude, lol!

1326d ago
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PizzaSteve1327d ago

Yeah XB1 may not be as popular there like PS4 but it have fun games that people like. The crowd looks happy and that's what it's all about, having fun and being happy.

Pogmathoin1327d ago

What are the numbers for PS4 in China anyways? Taiwan included..

22CobraKing1327d ago

More than the Xbox 1 for sure

aceitman1327d ago

Xbox1 launched 7 months before PS4 and the ps4 past x1 in a month.

Pogmathoin1327d ago

Cobra, I asked how much PS4 had sold, not Xbox.... Comprehend?

Aceitman, I know PS4 has sold better, but I am not sure concrete figures have ever been given, and its still just the Shanghai zone only?

DivineAssault 1327d ago

I wonder if M$ can establish a fanbase outside of the US. If not, i doubt any creative devs will make anything from different countries on it.

XanderZane1327d ago

There are already games being made outside of USA and Europe for the XB1 you know. How do you think Scalebound got made? That's just the beginning. Good to see Microsoft still have events like this outside of the U.S.

nitus101327d ago

From the Wiki:

Scalebound is action role-playing video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Microsoft Studios for sometime late 2016.

PlatinumGames is a Japan-based independent video game development company.

Having basically quoted that who on this forum thinks that Microsoft did not pay for this game to be exclusive and since the XB1 has not done well in Japan I would think that Scalebound will either not be dubbed in Japanese or the cost to do it will be paid for by Microsoft in the hope of selling more XB1's in Japan.

DivineAssault 1326d ago

and my comment stands... I want xbox one but theres no games that make me want to buy it. I have a wii u and PS4 already.. Killer Instinct looks good and rare replay but those arent enough to make me go and get it. The 360 had some good exclusives at first but mid life it dropped the ball

ratchet4261327d ago

Is it just me, or do all these pictures have that Kim Jong-Un forced PR photo op feel to them?

hellothere19771327d ago

You speak as if politicians in the US are upstanding individuals who would never fake photo ops for PR purposes.

You know, pictures kissing babies and smiling while shaking hands with someone they utterly despise.


81BX1327d ago

Calm down there NK soldier. Hes just saying they looked forced.

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