Real Life Otaku Problems

Rice Digital takes a look at the trials and tribulations of growing up a fan of Japanese games

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bOObies3006d ago

I like how he added SK:Bon Appetit, lol. Great article, very funny.


Senran Kagura Series Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Special Trailer & Artwork

Today Marvelous Entertainment is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the popular Senran Kagura series with a special trailer and art.

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What Games Have The Best Summer Feeling?

Summer means good times, chill vibes and maybe some extra video game sessions. So, which games feel the most synonymous with the breezy atmosphere of a nice summer day? Let's find out.

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Tencent Becomes Majority Owner of Marvelous Inc and Xseed Games

Tencent will own 20% of the game studio behind God Eater 3, Daemon X Machina, Story of Seasons (formerly Harvest Moon), and Senran Kagura.

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Sonyslave31281d ago

Damn China not freaking playing idk if this good or bad.

LOGICWINS1280d ago

Can you explain for the laymen (me) why this is bad?

LightofDarkness1280d ago

Chinese censorship laws forbid a great deal of content and subject matter that western and Japanese markets are accustomed to.

1280d ago
yellowgerbil1281d ago

No amount of money is worth selling out to the Chinese in an industry where they censor things so badly that there is only like 10 games available on the Chinese Playstation store.

Rangerman12081281d ago

That reminds me of the time they banned Devotion from Steam just for a winnie the pooh easter egg.

TheColbertinator1280d ago

It turns out the world's most powerful Communist autocrat is just a snowflake.

rainslacker1280d ago

Tencent owns so much of the industry now, and they don't censor games outside of China beyond what is done because of these crazy standards which localization companies, or console makers, or publishers themselves would do otherwise.

It's also not like Marvelous and Xseed haven't been criticized heavily for censoring their games outside Japan for quite some time now anyways.

yellowgerbil1280d ago

What you said amounts to one of those crazy women trying to marry a serial killer behind bars, "I know he hurt other women, but he hasn't hurt me so I love him".

rainslacker1280d ago

And how has Tencent hurt you, or what have they done that has you concerned?

Seems that might be worth mentioning, because otherwise, what you said originally amounts to, "I have no reason to hate them except they're Chinese, and I'm irrational." I mean, unless you are talking about that extremely exaggerated example you gave, which isn't true, and the censorship has more to do with local requirements more than it does Tencent doing it.

I know there are things out there you could cite, because I'm well aware of who Tencent is, and what they've done, but most of that is within China itself.

yellowgerbil1280d ago

let me ask you this. Would you support Microsoft or Sony if they had ties to the kkk? Would you support Nintendo if they had ties to Isis? Would you support Rockstar if it had ties to Scientology?
Probably not, same goes for a company owned by the Chinese government. Have nothing against Chinese people, but their government and by extension the companies within its borders, yeah.

RazzerRedux1280d ago


lol....Microsoft and Sony already have a ton of ties to the Chinese government.

rainslacker1279d ago

Probably not, but realistically, I'm sure you can find investors in any major company that have ties to some screwed up organization. Tencent is a privately held company in China. They tow the communist china line because they have to, and may have a vested interest in doing so. I dunno.

But, my philosophical ideals against blatant hatred or offensive groups is a lot different than my views on companies that operate within political regimes that I dont agree with.

I dont have anything against the companies within china. If you can show something that supports that they are directly linked to the chinese government, either completely controlled by, or they control the government, then by all means, I'm willing to hear it.

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BlackIceJoe1281d ago

This is disappointing news, because I try to stay away from Tencent.

Cmv381280d ago

at this rate it'll be easier to stay away from oxygen

Double_O_Revan1280d ago

Sorry to say, but they bought that too.

ifrit_caress1280d ago

Any breathing human being should stay away from Tencent.

Rangerman12081281d ago

At this point, the entire gaming industry is just gonna be a battle of Tencent and NetEase on "who can own the most studios".

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