Fan Covers "Konami" with "Kojima Productions" on New Metal Gear Solid

Kojima Productions, apparently, is no more. The studio started by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has been “dissolved,” says Snake’s Japanese voice actor. The box art for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain does not read “Kojima Productions.” It does read Konami.

On Taiwan’s Gamer forums, a member named Gtaaaaa decided to change that. Gtaaaaa printed up Kojima Production stickers and used them to cover up all the Konami logos.

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DarkOcelet1328d ago

MGS fans are really awesome. Covering Konami logo and Putting Kojima Productions, while it might be silly to some, its just saying to give credit where its due and that's whats happening here.

UkrainianWarrior1327d ago

I think it's retarded. His name shows up like 100 times during the fame itself AND people actually have no clue about what the issue between them is, but are siding with Kojima like little children.

DarkOcelet1327d ago

With all the $hite Konami is doing lately, its hard to side with them.

Spotie1327d ago

Calling people little children for not siding with a company that's been acting pretty damn petty isn't very mature, either.

XBLSkull1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Agreed man his name is everywhere in the game, enough to make you feel that he is totally full of himself and an arrogant SOB. You are quick to say "give credit where credit is due," and then dismiss the fact Konami footed the estimated $80 million dollar bill. Konami made this game possible too, don't forget that.

KwietStorm1326d ago


Of course Konami footed the bill, but that means nothing. Any publisher could have done that. That's not what made the game possible. This great franchise would never exist without Kojima. They get money off its success. That's the only reason they're in it after all this nonsense.

indyman77771326d ago

Don't use that word to attack people that don't agree with you. Now that is being a immature child. No bubble up for you.

CrazedFiend1326d ago

The possibility that Kojima's name is in the game 100 times BECAUSE Konami tried to essentially erase his name from Metal Gear history has never even occurred to you, huh?

XBLSkull1326d ago

No. If that is the reason it is very childish. Because his name isn't displayed on the box art he decides to put it in the game several hundred times? Ridiculous. And I am pretty certain his name isn't on all the games of the franchise. Kojimas acting like those rich girls on their 16th birthday. Far from a humble man.

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djplonker1326d ago


They also get all the profits...

MasterCornholio1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I like that.


I might do the same. Kojima deserves the credit.

skulz71327d ago

He has his name written around 1000 times during the game. He definitely has credit in the game, trust me.

KwietStorm1326d ago

Then why not on the cover? It's on every other box art in the series since Kojima Productions has been a thing. An author of a book doesn't voluntarily remove his name from it.

skydragoonityx1327d ago

i love this and i love kojima productions

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FallenAngel19841327d ago

Kojima Productions are one of my favorite game devs

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