Metal Gear Solid 5's Blood Runs Deep mission is one of the series' finest moments

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is an extraordinary game, it doesn't take long to realise that, but the point at which it truly won IBT over arrives about 20 hours in during a mission unlike any in the series before it, but which provides one of its greatest moments.

The Phantom Pain's missions, episodes when referring to ones that move the story along, are largely about rescuing prisoners, eliminating targets, finding items or a mixture of those objectives. Blood Runs Deep is episode 18, one of the first set in central Africa, and begins with a simple objective: eliminate six rebel soldiers before they can talk.

Warning: Contains spoilers for this particular mission.

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Hk85karlsson1323d ago

I agree. I even recorded it so I could watch it again later.
Kojima is showing/flexing his muscles when it comes to directing.
Best episode yet.

bunt-custardly1323d ago

S_rank playthrough of this missions for those interested.

Neixus1323d ago


The cutscene when i arrived at the cell with the kids, i was so sure Big Boss gunned down all the kids, my heart jumped a little.

nugget271322d ago

Thank you! The only video I could find was of a guy who sprinted everywhere, died three times, got caught by every guard and couldn't get a headshot if his life depended on it.