PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Global Lifetime Sales – July 2015 Update

VGChartz' William D'Angelo writes: "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in July 2015 we can see that the PlayStation 4 has continued to grow its substantial lead over the Xbox One and Wii U, while the Xbox One slowly increases its lead over the Wii U.

The Wii U also passed the 10 million mark. The PS4 has now sold 24.77 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 13.56 million units, and the Wii U 10.13 million units.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 24,769,592

Xbox One Total Sales: 13,564,966

Wii U Total Sales: 10,131,326"

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trunkswd1326d ago

The gap continues to grow every single month. I expect the PS4 to double the Xbox One by early next year.

Neonridr1326d ago

I dunno.. lots of good software releasing this holiday and next year for Xbox One.

Both consoles have a healthy future ahead of them.

xHeavYx1326d ago

Yeah, but may be a little too late. I mean, Xbox fans have been waiting since November of last Year to get some good games (yeah, you can count Ori, but that's only one game)
So far the gap only gets bigger and bigger.

trunkswd1326d ago

@Neonridr I do agree the Xbox One has a lot of great titles this year and next. It will help boost sales that is for sure. Though, the PS4 has continued to outsell the Xbox One all year.

Death1326d ago


Can we count Rare Replay and Gears Remastered too? Not to mention multiplatform games which make up the bulk of software sales.

S2Killinit1326d ago

It is my belief that the PS4 already has more than twice the sales. Vgchat's own monthly sales show that PS4 is selling at close to 3X the xbone, but their overall numbers dont budge.

Xbox had good games reserved for the end of last year as well, plus crazy bundles, plus new SDK. They only managed to slow down the gap, not decrease it. PS4 still outsold in the global market.

xHeavYx1326d ago

Yeah, you can count those 2 titles who recently launched. But that's the point, it's been a while since Xbox came up with some exclusive games.

combatcash1326d ago

Play station has always had a large amount of supporters. Folks like to talk about upcoming Xbox one games, like they're Really going to change the game. IMO the only reason the ps3 didn't do as well the previous gen, is due to price point and the year head start Xbox had. I think both consoles are fantastic but on a global scale the ps4 will continue to dominate. Games play a role but it's really the brand that moves these consoles, and with a similar price point, gamers can now purchase their system of preference

Godmars2901326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

"Can we count Rare Replay and Gears Remastered too?"

In what regard? Games like that appeal largely to established fans and Xbox owners. They're not going to spur new console sales or not that many.

That the WiiU was specifically designed as a PS3 and 360 "plus", to counter the specs of then current gen systems rather than the next, is what's alienated it to 3rd party devs.

yeahright21326d ago

@ NEO,
I hope so, but even during their strongest time, Sony still outsells them worldwide same as during Sony's slowest time. It's an uphill battle.

All that said, not much love being shown to the Wii U. a shame as it's a nice console. to this day I still say if someone only has enough money for two consoles, I strongly suggest the Wii U be one of them. It'll complement your other choice much better than those two do each other. PS4 and X1, for all the console war fanboy crap, they're essentially the same in terms of gaming. But the Wii U I feel adds a lot more. With instead of only deciding what platform to get Fallout and metal gear on, you can still play those titles and have access to Xenoblade and starfox and such.
Personal tastes apply obviously since if Nintendo games don't appeal to you then what I'm saying is all moot.

Pogmathoin1326d ago

Domination or not, still great games to be played on both, and some that can only be found on one or the other.... to be honest, like the first year or two of last gen, it was a drought between games, but once it got going, it was a great ride.... If you stick with one console, that is fine, but no need to bash the other.... Multiplats count too, there is not a 1st party exclusive every week....

Septic1326d ago


Yeah at least Playstation gamers have Bloodborne. That kept the hunger at bay for a whole year...

xHeavYx1326d ago

Lol, nice try, nevermind games like MLB, The Order, some great remasters, the release of the PS+ version of Driveclub

Pogmathoin1326d ago

Lol, like neither has selectively left out titles on either side.....

Razputin1326d ago

I'm not for or against any console. But look at last gen. The numbers were opposite.

Xbox 360 had double sales and dominance in the market, while the PS3 lagged behind.

I personally bought a 60GB PS3 and still have it. But Sony was lacking in the first few years.

Who knows, things might turn around for Microsoft. They are doing exactly what Sony did last gen.

Build up their base, by producing good AAA exclusives.

Sony has the 3rd party market with getting better ports (for the majority), and they have their franchises and AAA games lined up as well.

MasterCornholio1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )


"Xbox 360 had double sales and dominance in the market, while the PS3 lagged behind."

That's not true at all.

Your acting like the situation is reversed but that isn't correct.

The PS3 already was outselling the 360 in every region except the US and UK. But now its doing much better and its performing alot better in the regions that it was week in.

The way I see it its just like last gen except with the PS4 performing alot better than before.

Ashlen1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

The Xbox will never catch the PS4.

People in Europe/Asia don't care about about Xbox at all. In many countries PS4 outsells Xbox 8-9 to 1. Nothing is going to change that. There is a perception on this site that XBOX is more popular than it is because most viewers of this site especially during North American daytime are from America. But if you go to basically any gaming site where the primary language isn't English no one cares about XBOX.

Sorry, but it's true.

Septic1326d ago

Lol, nice try, nevermind games like MLB, The Order, some great remasters, the release of the PS+ version of Driveclub"

Yeah you kind of made my point for me there. Ah well. Whatever floats your boat. Each to their own.


Magicite1326d ago

PS4 is outselling all other consoles combined on weekly basis.

jrshankill1326d ago

Sony is quickly becoming the "iPhone" of the console market. Some people like Android, more people like iOS. Shame.

DarXyde1326d ago


Isn't Europe a swing region? Some parts are definitely pro PlayStation, but I don't think Xbox is shunned in Europe.

MaximusTKG1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I have owned a PS4 this entire generation. I have enjoyed the poo out of it. Being a 30 year old gamer, I am excited about the fact that I'm getting my shiny new Forza 6 bundle and all the new adentures it will bring. This does not mean that I am switching sides. I have come to realize that if you stop worrying about which is better and realize that both systems have sweet stuff to play, then life is good :). I had been disenfranchised by all the console war business so I hope that one day you can all just be happy to just be playing video games like I am once again.

Major_Glitch1325d ago

PS4 continues to dominate?! Bu-bu-but I thought the cloud powerz would change all that? What happened guys? Wait...what's that? Is that the sound of some fanboys getting ready to move some goal posts?

Ben Dover1325d ago


So what did the Xbox One got the first 7 months of 2015 besides... well nothing?

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Letthewookiewin1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

@Neo- Really the X1 software line up isn't going to be strong enough to stop the PS4. Halo is really the only game that can be counted as a system seller and a lot of people are over it. Don't expect the the gap to finally close. It's sad too because this is kind of X1's last chance this holiday to do it.

Lennoxb631326d ago

"Halo is really the only game that can be counted as a system seller and a lot of people are over it."

This is one of things that grinds my gears on N4G. Please speak for yourself.

ramiuk11326d ago

the thing is many have said PS4 has no games,so why are people buying it lol.

i really want the xbox one to do well and its getting better by the month imo and its got some awsome looking games dropping soon so hopefull it close the gap but i expect it the gap to be even bigger once spring comes next year and sony drops the big guns.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

More games than any other current gen console.

S2Killinit1326d ago

PS4 with more than twice the exclusives kind of makes "no games" thing kind of silly at this point.

GordonKnight1326d ago ShowReplies(1)
Riddler891325d ago

PS4 can't be stop?? If your Goin to post at least make sense....Sony fanboys for ya lol

MetalGear811325d ago

@Riddler I'm actually a PC gamer. I wasn't trying to troll. What I meant was PS4 is very successful and selling really well. Its a beast! Congrats to Sony

JoeReno1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I think the riddler was pointing out how you put "PS4 can't be stop!!!" Instead of stopped. I knew what you meant and I am sure everyone else did also @metalgear. But then he has to troll with it by adding the "Sony fanboys for ya" which is just lame.

@Riddler If you are going to troll an entire console fantasy at least make it funny.

morganfell1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )


He may actually have meant "stop" and not "stopped." Its a vernacular often used to inject humor by imitating non-English speakers. Think "all your base belong to us." So while he may have made a mistake, but he also may have intentionally posted something comedic and people missed the point in their rush to be a grammar nazi.

MetalGear811325d ago

I meant stopped and error on my part. I wasn't trying to troll though.

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GordonKnight1326d ago

Sorry for the troll comment.

3-4-51326d ago

Sales for XB1 & PS4 will continue to grow.

As soon as the NX is released, that is when it cuts into PS4/XB1 sales.

It will be the newest console and will have an advantage in specs ( in theory).

Until that point I expect PS4 to stay ahead, with XB1 continuing a respectable amount of sales as well.

PS4 & XB1 will still sell well once the NX is out, but the NX will compete better against the PS4/XB1 than the Wii U did.

r2oB1326d ago

The problem is Nintendo is going to need to do something to entice third parties to release games on their platform. By the time it's released the PS4 and Xbox One install base will be even larger, and the power difference may not be the deciding factor in porting games to the NX. Third parties may not be willing to invest money into making NX versions of their games unless they feel the install base is large enough for them to make profits, gamers may be reluctant to get the NX unless they see enough third party support. Pretty much a catch 22. Unless, like I said, Nintendo does something to get third party support on their platform.

Nintendo put itself in a weird position in the console space. Assuming the NX will significantly cut into the PS4 and Xbox One sales would be a bit presumptuous, especially considering their current situation.

"Until that point I expect the PS4 to stay ahead, with XB1 continuing a respectable amount of sales as well." I couldn't disagree more with that statement. When you say things like "until that point" it makes it seem like things will change after the release of the NX. I expect the PS4 to stay ahead until that point, and after that point.

3-4-51325d ago

There are already rumors of Square releasing Dragon Quest X & 11 for the NX.

If they are jumping on board the NX train I would assume lesser studios would as well.

* PS4 being the most powerful helped.

If NX becomes the most powerful, that alone will entice 3rd party dev's to make games for the NX.

Just because the NX could do very well doesn't mean the PS4's momentum will slow down much, it's just that it will have greater competition in terms of sales once the NX releases.

It's like some people actively don't want anybody but Sony to succeed or do good.

Kind of a sick mentality really.

r2oB1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Its not that people don't want Nintendo to succeed, it's just not as simple as your comment made it out to be. You think publishers are just going to make games for the NX just because it's powerful? With blind faith that the user base will be there? Especially considering Nintendos current relationship with third parties and current install base. You really think gamers are just going to buy the NX hoping for third party support? After two consecutive consoles of terrible third party support. You think existing gamers are just going to transition over to the NX on good faith? You think late adopters are going to chose the NX over a PS4 or Xbox One, where third party support is pretty much garaunteed and first party titles are getting better and better (not saying Nintendos aren't), and the backlog of games available will be substantial compared to a launch/early life cycle NX.

Nintendo has a lot of obstacles to overcome, and it doesn't seem like they are eager to make changes and sacrifices to try and overcome them. They need to proactively invest time and money into gaining more third party support, rather than waiting for third party's to come to them. It appears Nintendo needs third parties more than third parties need Nintendo in regards to consoles.

Personally I think Nintendo is going to have to prove themselves before NX can gain a significant user base. Prove themselves to both publishers and gamers.

Picnic1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I have no idea why you got 16 disagrees. There is some strange voting on this thread. People getting obsessed about third parties too when the N64 got by largely on Nintendo and Rare. Nintendo need to get someone making mature rated story driven games like Until Dawn though.

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jrshankill1326d ago

Ah, VGChartz!! Pretty sure 10 mil Xbox One sales were announced in November of last year (by MS)

Spotie1325d ago

Your "pretty sure" is pretty wrong.

Last November, MS said they were NEARING 10 million, not that they'd sold that much.

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yeahright21326d ago

I honestly expected the holiday bump last year to show X1 selling more than PS4. I figured for that particular snapshot (holiday season) NA and UK sales could over come the rest of the world. But according to that PS4 sold around 6 million during that time and X1 around 4.
I'm primarily a playstation gamer and I'm happy to see the PS4 selling so well as it means better support for my preferred platform. But on the flip side I don't like any company having domination like this. I'd personally like to see it tighten up a little just so they keep each other on their toes. As an owner of all three, I can honestly they're all awesome machines.

robtion1325d ago

I own an XB1 and PS4, primarily play ps4 with exclusives on x1. I feel PS is the better console but really don't care much, games are games and I'm too old for fanboy garbage.

Interestingly if you look at software sales the figures are far more surprising. Most big games e.g. Witcher 3 or Batman, the ps4 is outselling the x1 3 to 1.

yeahright21325d ago

Witcher? really? every commercial I saw for that game had the xbox logo plastered all over it. I guess all that money these companies spend on marketing rights don't amount to much. I remember Destiny selling better on X1 as well.
That's why I liked that idea IGN floated a while back. instead of spending lord knows how much to get DLC first, timed exclusivity or put a logo on a commercial or something like that, use that money to give your platform holders a discount on dlc or season passes or something. Your gamers still get a nice "thank you for gaming on Xbox" and ps4 (or vice versa) gamers don't get excluded out of content.

robtion1325d ago

Witcher 3 physical sales ps4 2.21 mil, xb1 0.76 mil.
Batman AK ps4 2.36 mil, xb1 0.89mil
Destiny ps4 5.08 mil, xb1 2.87
Tomb Raider DE ps4 0.95 mil, xb1 0.36 mil

And so on.

raggy-rocket1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I'm an Xbox fan and Xbox fans need to realise it's never overtaking the ps4. The same reason iPhone users will never switch to android, the brand is too strong. The PS brand is much older and ergo means much more to everyone round the world. Even the PS3s poor starting lineup, price and hardware didn't stop it from outselling 360 every month. Of course before I say this, I must specify that PS4 is a great console and I do not believe the following point is the reason for PS4's success whatsoever, there's many other reasons for that, but if the PS4 was garbage, it'd likely still outsell Xbox One.

PS is just an unstoppable brand and while that does slightly upset me that the brand gives it the upper hand against the Xbox for things such as securing games, it doesn't bother me, we just have to all enjoy the console we prefer and the games we love together, but some Xbox fanboys must realise that the brand alone prevents Xbox overtaking. Whether you think that's fair or not doesn't matter, it's the truth. There's no need for insecurity, better sales doesn't mean better quality so there's no need to be defensive.

Anyone who thinks Xbox will ever outsell PS is way too ambitious in their predictions. I predict 3:2 or 2:1 by the end of gen for PS

1326d ago
OB1Biker1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

'if the PS4 was garbage, it'd likely still outsell Xbox One.'
lol now lets not go with cliche expression people use too often on the internet ... if any console was 'garbage' like you said none of them would sell much.
I dont really care that much about sells to be honest though, if xb1 was selling more than PS4 that would be the least of my 'worries'.
Yea Prince. Im glad it sells well I mean. Im really enjoying my PLaystation devices and you could say Im a fan then, but what I mean is nothing would be changed if it wasnt selling that much, just like I keep enjoying the Vita regardless how well its sells

yeahright21326d ago

I like the "well enough" approach myself. As long the consoles sell well enough to keep getting great support from third parties, and well enough to keep the industry away from turning into mobile centric, and well enough to compete with each other (which ensures better exclusives, features and such) then I'm happy.
As for who's on top, I don't care too much, just want them selling so well and so close to each other that they continue pumping out awesome content.

Picnic1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

It's a generalisation of a term but the PS1, even the PS2, and original Wii had overall the worst or amongst the worst specs for that generation and I strongly dispute that the actual games in comparison to the competition explained the bulk of their huge sales victories. So amongst the least capable does sometimes sell on brand name, and perhaps number of games, alone.

SmokingMonkey1326d ago

well Said Raggidy Man (Sorry I've been playing Mad Max)

IMO the 360 'lost it' because they started to support Kinect over hardcore gamers and chipping away at the Japanese market.

Rare should have never been relegated to making 'only' Kinect games.

Games like Lost Odyssy and Infinite Undiscovery where chipping away at that massive niche market of JRPG's....then they just gave up it seemed.

I am however pleasantly encouraged by the merging of Xbox and Windows Gaming. I always respected MS for their PC gaming structure over their entrance into the console market.

Future looks good for Home Console' least for one more Gen.

lastking951326d ago

Almost my words exactly,PS is too popular of a brand and compares to iPhone. I don't think the gap will be 3:1 but it'll be about 2:1. I predict Xbox one to sell more in NA and UK but not to the level of 360 did (over 20m in NA) ps4 will sale 100-130m and XO will sale 70-90m

Christopher1326d ago

***The same reason iPhone users will never switch to android***

I switched to android...

johndoe112111326d ago

One of the best decisions you'll ever make.

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Magicite1326d ago

well said, mate, fans like you are gold.

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user99502791326d ago ShowReplies(1)
Haru1326d ago

PS4 owning this generation