Classic Sonic or Classic Mario? (Sonic)

James Pettegrow gives us the second half of this two part debate, by backing the blue blur.

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HRD_Games1322d ago

Born and raised on Sonic, I will however admit my Mario love. But for the older games, Sonic trumps Mario. I think you pinned it down with the freedom. Its amusing that older Sonic games were about exploration, but now he tends to go in a straight line of speed, while Mario used to be all about moving right, then jumped to 3D exploration, but recently, the two are a lot more similar in their linear design.

CyanocittaCristata1321d ago

Pretty similar story for me. Sonic was the first game I played and, for a while at least, I thought my allegiances would always lie with his IP.

However, due to disappointment after disappointment, and the sheer amount of money I've spent on poor titles like Sonic Riders and Unleashed, means I don't really even pay attention to the poor guy anymore

Rebel_Scum1321d ago

The argument in this article about Mario releases not changing formula from SMW and M64 respectively is a bit pish posh.

Good article though.