Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One Demo Frame-Rate Test

A quick look at the new Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One demo, highlighting some of the new features added to the game. The question is, do those enhancements impact performance? (Spoilers: nope).

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Genuine-User1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Rock solid performance and satisfactory visuals. I guess this is a winner for Forza fans.

user99502791329d ago

The best console to play racing games is about to get even better.

Indigon1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Pretty good but the lighting is still flat and dull. Same goes for AA, there are loads of jaggies. They obviously went for solid framerates. Not that that is a bad thing, framerates are probably more important, just that there are some tradeoffs.

OOMagnum1329d ago

How can someone objectively disagree witht that?

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dantesparda1329d ago

I told people that the cutscenes and video were 30fps long before this video came out and people disagreed with me.

XanderZane1329d ago

Agreed and even DF gave the game their thumbs up, which was a surprise. Forza still the best console racing game this gen so far. We'll wait and see how GT7 turns out next year.

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4Sh0w1329d ago

Turn 10 does it again, every iteration they up the ante with comprehensive features, stellar physics, gorgeous graphics while delivering outstanding performance & rock solid 60fps.

badz1491328d ago

When xbox faboys talk about Forza, all I heard is the bragging about superior and real physics simulation bla bla bla but when watching this vid, I don't think I'm the only one who noticed that collisions onto the AI cars do absolutely nothing? They don't even swerved or crashed or even missed their braking speed when hit from behind by the player! That's some pathetic physics!

Gozer1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Definately smooth and gorgeous. My only gripe is the demo is a demo. It does a fantastic job at seamlessly introducing the player to what Forza 6 has new. But trying to use the demo as a "main course" for your racing hunger isnt going to work. At least MS and Turn 10 did take enough pity to include Rivals in the demo. Cant really fuss too much, it is just a demo after all.

I cant make this post without mentioning the Indy race. The contrast in speed in the 2 races before it lead to what I can only describe as a crescendo or climax. In other words, it gave me a chill. I was white knuckled the whole race, just so freakin fast. Loved it. IRL when you get fast in a car you get serious, the Indy race gave me that feeling.

Come on man, you are commenting on this game just to be rude. Im not going to tear you down, or perpetuate what someone else might have spoke to you in a condescending way. Its just a game man, no one is insulting you. Ill tell you what though, if I see someone taking a game too seriously while belittling you Ill step into your corner and we'll make them seem silly together. K?

4Sh0w1328d ago

The Indy car race definitely blew me away, I have a racing wheel and the sense of speed hitting the perfect lines around the track while gripping the wheel with any slight move equaling disaster was just pure racing satisfaction...err or as close as I will ever get to driving a real car like that on a track.

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GenuineGamer1329d ago

The game looks and sounds amazing. Turn off the music and drive slow through the rev range and youl see how realistic it is. So much detail in all the small things. Only thing letting it down compared to some other games is color tones the pre baked lighting and aa could be better.

Im expecting dynamic lighting to be in forza 7 il bet theyl be using dx12 by then enabling much more realistic lighting particles ect.

In any case the game still looks great and the physics are sooo much better and the sounds are a big step up too.

Cant wait for the 10th :D

Lenrulesdaworld1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

lighting isnt that bad though.

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WowSoChill1329d ago Show

I love the new droplets, they seem to be controlled by physics similar to DC. Looks amazing, plays amazing and very impressive to be 1080p and 60fps!

fr0sty1329d ago

to an extent. you can see some limitations, like how when the wiper blades swipe them to the side of the windshield, the water fades away rather than staying on the glass like in DC.

UkrainianWarrior1329d ago

Satisfactory visuals? Yeah, ok, whatever...

lvl_headed_gmr1328d ago


I disagree. The visuals are by far better than just "satisfactory".

Forza always has, and always will be the complete package. Stunning visuals combined with stunning gameplay and performance.

The best just keep getting better as the anti-Xbox DF have pointed out.

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FlexLuger1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

I been playing the demo. deleted it the other day, as I didnt want to spoil myself too much. also got my pre order pre downloaded and waiting. as with all forzas I go the whole hog. So I bought the digital ultimate edition. And My forza controller should be arriving soon too. Will make a nice shelf ornament in my game room, along with my other controllers.

Lime rock park is a fantastic track too. I just love the sweeps. Cant wait to try it out with the M4. The audi S4 in the demo wasnt really my style. I prefer RWD cars. The puddles are downright dangerous and are going to cause havoc online. I like that. will people politeley line up in the racing line? doubt it..somebody is going into that advice?...dont have your foot on the gas when you go over it. if you do, you wont be on the track by the time you recover the car. I drove the corvette in the wet with only my ABS turned on. I wanted to feel what was going on between the wet surface and their tyre simulation, and I must say the feel is just wonderful, you are always feeling out for that grip but you can almost feel that water under the tyres. it informs you of your limits while cornering, though, maybe thats saying something about the 'vettes handling these days too.

Game is rock solid..and rio...what a track! the way the sea spalashes up on the side of the track on the start/finish..the assault of color as you blast past the stands, under those decorations. And the sound of that ford GT! it roars and it feel ferocious. There was one part of rio where you sweep, through a 3rd gear right hander that goes downhill...I had to lift off, until the road straightened out, I was carrying so much speed, and getting a whif of understeer, a touch of acceleration sent me spinning for a bout 500 yards before I hit the rewind button and retook it it, minus the gas pedal. Exciting stuff, at the limit. And you can ALWAYS feel the car under you. Thats why I was confident to drive without assists. its hairy but the car feels so....feelsome..forza's suspension and tyre physics are something else. They know how to relay feel back to the controller.

Oh yeah, and the frame rate thing is nice too...

EDIT: funny story...the ford GT ran out of petrol after 12 laps of beating rivals times...the pad pulsed and rumbled..while the car decelerated and sputtered to a halt...checked all the telemtery..nothing damaged..but the petrol gauge was empty...just a warning for anybody looking to take it into long races online... refuel every 11 laps! if you have modded the car...make it 9 laps, before a refuel.

n4rc1329d ago

That was actually a great little review.. About to see if I can start the DL from my phone.. Was just going to wait for the game but I don't want to now lol

Dlacy13g1329d ago

+bub for a spot on review ...can't really think of anything to add and I love hearing the GT ran out of fuel... that is great stuff!

MeliMel1329d ago

Man, I coming to you for my Xbox game reviews...

JJShredder1329d ago

Downloaded this last night. Absolutley blown away by the visuals and the fact it's a Rock solid framerate just get's my motor running.

Loved the Rain and how it affected all the driving mechanics and the sense of speed in the formula one cars is just exhilirating.

I don't feel premature in saying this will probably be the greatest SIM racer of all time until the next Forza or the next Gran Turismo comes out (in my lifetime hopefully)

Sonyslave31329d ago

1080p 60fps and 24 cars on screen at the same damn time that with weather system impressive.

Professor_K1329d ago

Now thats true 60fps right there

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