MS: Avatars drew "a lot of inspiration" from Miis

TVGB: "It was clear as day that Avatars were at the very least somewhat inspired by the Wii's Miis, the 'problem' was getting a Microsoft official to actually admit it. But now we have it - in a recent interview, Xbox LIVE boss John Schappert said that Avatars indeed drew "a lot of inspiration" from what Nintendo has been doing with Miis."

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Mr_Showtime13827d ago

Really? I never noticed...

xhairs93827d ago

Microsoft avatars were indeed, "drawn from blue-prints of Wii's Mii's".

meepmoopmeep3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

no they weren't!

Mattrick said they had the blueprints at the 360 launch!

EDIT: @below. you didnt' see Mr. SmileyFace :P

stormymctard3827d ago

oh ya everything was from the launch of there system, miis are showen at 2005 ms picks up the idea and starts working on one when there system launches easy copying

NegativeCreep4273826d ago

Wow Microsoft you could have seriously fooled me...

What about Lips? Did you draw some sort of inspiration for that? LOL!

Bangladesh3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Gaming companies try to emulate each others great ideas all the time. MS likes the Mii idea. Sony liked the Wii's motion controller, Second Life, and they obviously like Live because they are currently trying to copy it. If it makes the platform better, what's the problem?

I know that I don't give a heart-shaped d*mn about the opinion of a fanboy, no matter what flavor they are. I refuse to let these idiots ruin the fun that I have with my hobby.

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Vip3r3827d ago

Really? I'd never have guessed.


Deviant3827d ago

say ripoff and im happy :)
thats business i guess

Bnet3433827d ago

They took Mii's and made them better. Mii's look like dolls.

meepmoopmeep3827d ago

yeah, i agree,

much like Sony's Trophies

Bnet3433827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Did you just say Trophies look better then Mii's? lol


Okay, if you think Trophies are better that's ok. IMO, Achievements are a better. I like the Gamerscore thing and your games and score get updated on your Xbox Live gamercard automatically.

meepmoopmeep3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

no i'm saying a company took something and made it better.

EDIT: you mean like the new Sony API online that does that as well?
so going by your logic, Mii's are better looking than Avatars. i mean, static numbers look better than a 2D/3D trophy right?

if you think Achievements are better you're still in Egypt floating in that river of theirs.

ideas are taken all the time and improved. c'est la vie.

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