IGN: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Trailer Impressions

The director's cut gets two surprise additions for Final Fantasy Fans.

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MrWonderful3822d ago

i will be importing this bad boy.

gano3822d ago

Tho i'm pretty sure it'll be very costly.

[email protected]3822d ago

Look like I'm not alone... but the BluRay are region lock isn't? If the demo comes into the same BluRay and not as standalone BluRay there going to be some REAL problem with this. I hope the demo comes on a second disc*

Marceles3822d ago

Most Blu-ray discs aren't region locked...but Square might do it just to be an A-hole and keep it Japan exclusive as much as they can

iamtehpwn3822d ago

this is never coming to NA/EU. =|

Ghoul3821d ago

japan and america share the same bluray region code

the only screwed ones are us europeans

[email protected]3821d ago

Oh, man... those words are going to stress a few people ^__^

gambare3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I'm going to give you some good news guys.

check the BD regions, The US region and the JP region are the same (1), so you can import Japanese BD releases and play it on the US PS3, so you will be able to play the FFXIII demo included in the BD

edit: duh... ghoul got it first :P but I will have to agree with him

meepmoopmeep3821d ago

i'm sure a NA/EU version will come.
i'm importing but once the west versions come out i'll buy it again :P

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DJ3822d ago

They better release it here though.

[email protected]3821d ago

Hmmm, I'm not sure myself. If this movie receive the same treatment as the "INTERNATIONAL" games... there only 2 words that comes to my mind: NOT HOPE!

Doppy3821d ago

This will be great for Japan, but can also be great for US if it's not region locked. Please Square no lock.

meepmoopmeep3821d ago

this bump in 360 sales for Tales will pale in comparison to the bump in PS3 sales once this is released in Japan.

i guarantee this.

eagle213821d ago

I double guarantee this bro. :)

Panthers3821d ago

I havent seen Advent Children yet and I was going to wait until it came to BR. If this isnt coming to the US, then I will be a sad panda.

[email protected]3821d ago

As mentioned before Japan and US share the same region over the BluRay format. U can easily import it if u want unless ur are a little sensitive with the high cost of shipping and that kind of stuff.

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