5 Essential Etiquette Pointers for Online Multiplayer FPS Games

Tom from GamersFTW writes: "You may have heard that the latest instalment in an incredibly successful FPS franchise is on its way. That’s right; POS: Grey Skirmishes III is generating unseemly levels of hype. We at GamersFTW thought that the gaming community may therefore be due a reminder of recommended etiquette when playing online multiplayer-centric FPS games.

Disclaimer: the following points are very tongue-in-cheek; after all, we should all be willing to poke fun at ourselves."

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Skellytorx1327d ago

"If it’s not going your way, quit" - sums me and FPS's up perfectly.

GamerGabs1327d ago

If only more people would read this, the FPS community would be a better place. :P

c00lvilKid691327d ago

'Ignore any single-player component with extreme prejudice' - This is every COD game these days.

scarecrow20141327d ago

Show complete disregard for your characters well being - standard fare really haha

ZaWarudo1327d ago

I always blame lag. It makes me feel better about my lack of skill.

Yukes1327d ago

Yes - excellent pointer! Always make sure you blame everything other than your own shortcomings for your deaths.

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The story is too old to be commented.