E3 Resistance 2 interview by Gamereactor

"Bengt caught up with CEO Ted Price from Insomniac Games and had a chat about the changes in the Resistance universe!"

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gameraxis3826d ago

i hear the same stuff over and over again, interview after interview, this game looses no appeal as far as I'm concerned... i used to own a 360 and was die hard halo, i bought a ps3 and there is something about r1 that sucked me in, it was so smooth and had huge enemies, awesome weapons... hold back the disagrees for i am not stating that r1 or r2 is the halo killer, but for ME, that was just the case, fell in love with it...playing it on a 40 inch samsung, graphics were crisp, OMG LOVE THIS SERIES!!!

Overr8ed3826d ago

Yea i agree i never get tried of Seeing interviews. I need a bigger TV b4 i get the game, am playing in a 15 in LCD.

cahill3826d ago

this game will own so much