E3 08 Sony CEO interview by Gamereactor

What does Sony Computer Entertainment's own President and CEO think of this year's E3 and how does he see the future for Playstation 3?

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

I think he had loads of White Shirts but he put them in the wash with his Red Boxer shorts and they came out Pink!!! ;-D

Or it was a White shirt when he left his House, but on the way to 'E3' he was Killing a few xBot Lemmings!!! ;-D

(Bit like 'Die Hard' Films i.e Bruce Willis starts with a clean T-shirt and it ends up all bloody!!!) ;-D

I can see King Kaz now...'xBot Lennings take this!!!'... BOOOOOM!!!...
'Yippie Ki-Yay M****r F*****rs!!!' ;-D

PoSTedUP4392d ago


oh man i want to play that game now! for the ps1! that game was amazing for real.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4392d ago

Yeah love those films;) Got 'Die Hard 4.0' on my PS3!!! ;-P
Think i remember 'Die Hard' game for the PS1;)

Yippie Ki-Yay xBot Lemmings!!! ;-D

LightningPS34392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

I'm kinda surprised at how many big PSN titles are coming. I sometimes wonder if maybe too many, would like to see Blu ray versions of some of these games Socom and Wipeout.

The only problem is the pricing, with XBOX 360 price cuts PS3 has to respond to stay competitive and they probably will when the time is right.

Overall it's shaping up decently, I still worry about the 10 year plan and weather that will work, Will consumers stay with the PS3 or will they be ready to jump to a new XBOX console in a few years?

Are improved graphics and more expensive hardware the way of the future? Cause it's been slow in buidling up this gen. The less powerful consoles graphically are the ones that are selling the most.

LoVeRSaMa4392d ago

and what if he is?

Would that affect how well sony's PS3s sell?

Would that stop the PS3 from OUTSELLING the 360?

Please dont start again, and Homophobia should not be welcomed.

Idonthatejustcreate4392d ago

Sony's CEO really like the pink shirts ^^

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