X-Play Video Preview: Resistance 2

Kristin Holt takes through the list of hot new features you'll encounter in the highly anticipated 'Resistance 2' for the PlayStation 3. « Less

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TheExecutive4323d ago

ok, for one thing I dont know where X-Play got the idea that the co-op game is "trimmed down" but from what I heard it was a parallel story board. I have never heard that it was trimmed down.

Secondly, they said there were 3 classes, did I miss something? I thought there was a sniper class?

shazam4323d ago

thanks for all the tons of new information and brand new footage that i have never seen before a million times in higher quality. there is no way i could have known all the information you told me from just watching raw footage. i needed you guys to point the extremely not obvious things about this game. thanks for such a meaningful and fruitful preview.


Harry1904323d ago

The finished product will no doubt be amazing yet again.

clintos594323d ago

I cant wait to get into the beta. It should be tons of fun and im ready to murder u all on there. This game is going to be huge no doubt about it. :)

highps34323d ago

Anyway already picking up RFOM, didnt watch video judging by the comments ive probably aready seen it.

I think id buy the game just to see that big monster. RFOM 1 was a solid game in every aspect so i am confident this one will be no different.

What i am shocked is no vehicles? Whats that about? Anyone who has played cant say they didnt have a blast running over all those fence things! :)

Online looks cool I LOVE how the EXP pops up when you are shooting at people.