Rock Band 4: Full Band Gameplay Video

Skewed and Reviewed have posted video of their session on Rock Band 4 from PAX Prime. Two members of their staff jammed with a developer and a member of the radio show they appear on to a classic from Motley Crue.

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jakmckratos1329d ago

Lol this isn't the gameplay we're interested in.

Garethvk1329d ago

Cannot wait to see your video then.

dumahim1329d ago

He probably wouldn't bother playing a game and record video of himself using the controller in his hands.

Spotie1329d ago

No offense, but that's not really an answer.

When an outlet says "gameplay" we expect screens. Either direct feed or not, in images or video.

What we don't expect- what NOBODY expects- is a video of people playing the game being ADVERTISED as gameplay.

T2X1329d ago

It would be better with Online play and ION drum set support.

TheUberAsian1329d ago

Wait, ION Drums aren't support?

T2X1329d ago

No. There is a petition going around to be signed for ION to take the initiative and make it happen.

Garethvk1329d ago

Issue is that Harmonix can block it which makes things tough.