Batman: Arkham Knight Finally Gets Its Interim Patch

After months of being broken for PC gamers everywhere but a lucky few WB games has released an interim patch for Batman: Arkham Knights. There are still things needing done with getting the pc port fixed up, like SLI/Crossfire support and dlc, but the patch does fix some of the bigger problems

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fermcr1325d ago

Too late. Most PC gamers don't care any more. They have moved on.
Other interesting games have been released already...

TacticAce1325d ago

Speak for yourself, It was always pinned to my taskbar waiting for its fix...

Kalebninja1325d ago

considering i got the premium edition I'm still pretty interested. Not that i had any issues playing the game in the first place.

Repjaws1325d ago

Yeah speak for yourself,I've been waiting for so long.

stiggs1325d ago

I just knew that the first comment would be "too late".

It's just another typical day on Negativity For Gamers.

Meltic1325d ago

Not for me. Now i got 3 freaking open World games to finish Before fallout. My vacation has only been with games now lately. I'm half done with MGS. Now i play some mad max and now i'm back into batman to finish it. Damn im getting confused lol

Volkama1325d ago

Who still plays games that were released 3 months ago? Maybe a few cave-dwelling primatives here and there, in-between drawing basic animal shapes on their rock walls.

I only play games on their release day. After that I feed them to my dog. Which I also discard after a day.

(No, I am not being serious).

Christopher1325d ago

Oook. Loo-kee play game. He play Drah-guun Aaahg. Game pretty!

Grap1325d ago

Yah too late.. the game isn't worth the wait anyway.

Corpser1325d ago

I'm waiting for the next patch to start playing, plenty of other games in my backlog to play before that

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Zero1091325d ago

It's about time. I held off on playing the game (I was one of the few that couldn't get a refund since my brother bought and played it for over 3 hrs).

This should have never happened and it's sad that steam refunds may be the reason the game was truly pulled back and fixed. If it's gotten to the point that steam refunds regulates whether a publisher will release a functioning product makes wonder about how much they care about their product and the devs working so hard on it.

I wish steam refunds was implemented when AC Unity came out. Maybe that would've pushed WB to release a quality product.

kma2k1325d ago

well i got this for free with my gpu & i guess i know what ill be playing this long weekend, about time!

RedDeadLB1325d ago

I finished it in it's broken state and I was waiting for this patch to finish new game +.

Gwiz1325d ago

I have tried it with the patch and i still have a lot of performance issues,GTX970,i5 3570k newest drivers and even without hairworks options and even with the lowest settings.This game is even worse for me then the prior Batman games.