'Cool' New Rockstar Game In The Works

Rockstar Games is working on a new title based on a 'cool' license, according to the Official PlayStation Magazine.

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iM_PuLsE3819d ago

I doubt its a snowboarding game, but you never know...

mikeslemonade3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Actually a snowboarding isn't such a bad idea. I don't know about you but the snow in Lost Planet sucks, so I want to see true next-gen snow.

Tomdc3818d ago

GTA: Mars! Now we can pop caps in martian ass!

Hydrolex3818d ago

Let me add that in my list.

If the trailers look bad, i'll remove it

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dro3819d ago

what about LA NORIE? is that game still coming out...

supahbad3818d ago

i have a bad feeling that it has been canned.i hope not though cause i love 50s 40s mob-like games, but i think rock* would have shown it some by now

Viktor E3819d ago

They will,much like Square Enix,make the game a Playstation 3 Exclusive.

jcgamer3819d ago

what do you think it is?! I'm thinking since they did The Warriors, it is a movie-based license...maybe Clockwork about Nightmare on Elm, open world

anybody else with a guess as to what it might be?

Thanks NotAshley..great, great news!

kittoo3819d ago

What does that mean? A game set in snowy plains?

Shane Kim3819d ago

Grand Theft Auto: Siberia.

supahbad3818d ago

Grand Theft Auto: Other Side of the Pillow

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The story is too old to be commented.