Little Big Planet Doomed?

Alex Evans reveals that they made all the same mistakes that Lionhead made while working on Little Big Planet - what does this mean for the fate of one of the most innovative games to come?

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Genesis54323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Speculation with no foundation. This isn't Lionhead and this guy is not even working on the game. From what most of the media have seen of this game running, they are awestruck

xiotex4323d ago

I am awestruck by the game too - I have some reservations about the user generated content but I have faith in Alex to pull it off but it genuinely sounded like they were in trouble.

Genesis54323d ago

Well if they were having problems I'm sure Sony would have jumped in to help out. I think they learned from their mistakes too.

4323d ago
Fox014323d ago

this game looks fun, I still think this is what PSNHome should have been though.

Real Gambler4323d ago

First, let's make that clear. I'm pre-ordering LBP. I love it and no matter what they can say about it, I've been following it since day 1 and I'm betting on it. (And I'm also a firm believer in user content...)

Now, that being said, this guy is right though. Giving relative freedom to design software is great because you can come up with gems like LPB. But in a very small company like Media Molecule, too much freedom leads to delay, which mean, hype goes down after a while. Sure you don't need much management when all the employees could work in a 700 sq. ft. space. But somebody really has to sit down, set goals and go for it. Yes it's bad for creativity, but loosing hype because of delay is also bad for sales.

That being said, look at your game library, and count how many games you have that you can come out with, and play with 3 other friends who are not heavy gamers while still having fun. What about that bunch of nephews coming over and breaking every pieces of furniture. Boot LBP and tada, no more problems. This is a must have game in any gamer library.

Superfragilistic4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

True, but the founding members and the core development team on LBP are formerly from Lionhead which is just up the road from Media Molecule. Many of the core development team on LBP worked on Fable, Black & White, etc.

Regardless, the game truly looks amazing! :)

meepmoopmeep4323d ago

let's just say there are those praying this game flops.
knee-bent bloody, bruised praying.

Sevir044323d ago

if it aint kz2, it's resistance 2, if it aint then it's the ps3, now they are saying that the biggest and most anticipated, winner of both e3s 2007 and 2008, LBP is doomed... ok i took one look at the the first paragraph and just laughed. for the fanbois/fankids that hate sony, this is your article.

Zeevious4322d ago

You are AWESTRUCK by this game?

You...The same person who just posted the news "Little Big Planet Doomed?"

Then is your article anything more than a cheap attempt to get site hits?

You know for someone who's only news-post here is SELF-PROMOTING/Spamming their own site with their own account here, what should that say about your credibility?

If your own site's flash games are any example of your employability in the industry, I'll hire you!

The mops over there.

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Captain Tuttle4323d ago

No way. I just have a feeling that this game won't be a huge seller. I'm biased though because I don't get the appeal of the game.

Mikelarry4323d ago

looks fun but im not still sold maybe its because i am not very creative. but i wouldnt say this game is doomed user generated content can assure that, with peoples imagination who knows what wacky and fun things they could create to make this game a master piece.

ScottEFresh4323d ago

LBP is arguably the most anticipated game coming for ANY system(including PC) right now.

psycho3604323d ago

@scott. The most anticipated by ps3 fans, nobody else would like to play 2.5d platformer.

I believe it wil be like lemmings (a platformer game in the late 80s and 90s), but it was quite successful till it went 3D. The reason of its success can be attributed to limited number of genres available at that time and with limited hardware. Nowadays in days of fps/tps/realtime straegy/RPG/MMORPGs/Anime etc etc casual games have limited appeal on HD consoles. See what happened to Viva sales which was like a breath of fresh air on 360 and even with having high attachment rate of games per console but still it dint do well.

If you think people paid $500/600$ to play platformer then you're mistaken. See the sales of MGS4 now after a month and that was the game which has been on PS brand of consoles since 10+ years.

LBP target audience is few 100 die hard fanboys here on n4g and Wii owners.

Bigrhyno4323d ago

Little Big Planet isn't even close to "casual". Sure some casual gamers might get on every now and then and check what some of the top levels are, but the game is made for true hardcore platformer fans. I think the biggest audience of this game will be the older gamers who miss the days when 2D platformers were THE genre. Other than that I think it will just be people who don't really understand the game, but hear great things about it who buy it. Now whether or not making a game appealing to this segment of hardcore 2D platformer fans is a good idea, is yet to be seen.

myothercar4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

It's casual. Do you think these people would know how to create their own hardcore levels? They can barely even get past simple obstacles- but they're having a fun multiplayer experience. It's going to be a social game for people with enough friends.

..and of course a hardcore game for level designers.

Anyone who says they still doubt this game, I believe, haven't seen a single videoclip/article/impression since early 2007. There's just going to be so much that will surprise you, you're just going to be stupid ashamed that you even doubted it.

Bigrhyno4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Just because people who suck at games enjoy it, that makes it casual? If that is the case then I could name a lot of games that most people wouldn't consider casual, yet are. Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and even World of Warcraft, just to name a few.

clintos594323d ago

Where have u been? U seem like u been stuck under a rock or something because if u dont think LBP will be huge or wont move any systems, u are setting yourself up for some serious ownage. I never really cared for this game when sony first shared it wit us at GDC07, but as they kept showing new videos of how easy it is to actually create stuff and also be enjoying the game at the same time, I really fell in love with the game. If a game can do that to me just by watching it and it was never a game that I was wowed for when it first was introduced, that is saying alot.

I dont no where u been but if u havent been watching e3, most everyone at e3 were lined up at the LBP section wanting to try out the game and so far we hear nuttin but praise and good things for LBP from almost every site across the globe. I dont see how LBP isnt going to play a big factor when it is one of the biggest and most anticipated games for any system. And with a price cut with the 80gb sku with no BC in it dropping to $399, u can be your a$$ that bundle pacl will be selling very well this holiday season. Besides tha I could give a crap how much it sells, all I want is to play LBP and im satisfied.

myothercar4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Bigrhyno, Halo, GTA and WoW DO appeal to casual gamers. They're just too violent and mature to be accessible to all ages, which is that Nintendo-like quality LBP has in bucketloads.

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dale14323d ago

its a new ip if this was for the ps2 hardware 3 million first week,as its for the ps3 and the price of hardware 1 million first week japan will buy it in the boat loads no doubt this will shift systems but more east than west

TheExecutive4322d ago

I dont have any doubt this will sell great over its lifetime, but the casual gamer is still a year or two out on the ps3. That being said, it should sell a couple million copies which is great. However, I am a little worried with how glitchy this game is going to be for the first few months.

I mean nothing like this has been done before. When this game hits the servers its going to be interesting to see how they react. Also, I am a little worried about the physics of this game not so much the fact that it wont have good physics, but with so many objects reacting in different ways I see a huge potential problem with collision physics. I HOPE that this game isnt really glitchy but I see a huge possibility of it being that way.

Anyway, I am preordering this game and getting it on day one.

-60 MM created maps
-60 tutorial session so we can all learn to build maps
- 4 player co-op both on and offline
-User generated content will be off the hook
-I can play it with my parents, wife, and sister right alongside my gaming friends.


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

xBox 360 Doomed? YEP!!! ;-D

Just think a Little Cute;)Sack-boy and a Little Cute;)Sack-girl will be the Downfall of the xBox 360!!! ;-D

ELite_Ghost4322d ago

lol, you're insane! but right...

4323d ago