Clash Review - Lack of Replay & Limiting Gameplay Choices Hamper a Good Looking Game | COG

COG Writes: This great looking brawler has a few redeeming qualities; however, it's shortcomings far outweigh the good, providing those who enjoy fighting game fans with an average experience at best.

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MercilessDMercer1326d ago

Can't say I'm really surprised by this, to be honest

JohnnyXeo1326d ago

Couldn't even play solo. Boo b

Digital_Anomaly1326d ago

Hehehe.... BOOB.

God, I'm sorry, I'm such a child.

Paulhammer1326d ago

Brawler were all downhill after Turtles In Time. Just saying

GrapesOfRaf1325d ago

They should have worked to get online in there.