PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Biases We Hold

Paul Tassi of Forbes: As we head into the fall, the console wars are heating up.

Just kidding, they’re really not. Instead, the PS4 and Xbox One march more or less lockstep into the season sharing nearly all the biggest games. What will undoubtedly be the top three sellers of the holiday season, Black Ops 3, Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5 are out on both systems. The same goes for Mad Max, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Just Cause 3, FIFA, Star Wars: Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege.

I’ve previously credited Xbox One has having a slight window to catch up to the PS4 with two powerful exclusives, Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, on the horizon, but though both will sell well, in the grand scheme of things, it’s possible (probable) there is no catching PS4 at this point.

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FlexLuger2153d ago

"I honestly credit the Kinect alone and the $100 price increase it forced upon the console as the majority of the reason the Xbox One is trailing the PS4 to this day. That bundling decision is one of the worst in industry history."

This is probably the sticking part for MS. The fact they they made such bad call and practically handed sony the US and the UK. If the money spent on kinect was spent in the box on the hardware and the always online thing was never a thing....things would be VERY different right now.

I doubt they are under any illusion they can pull it back this gen, either. And I think most Xbox gamers expect as much by now.They just need to keep outselling the X360 and re-up for next gen. come back with a more focused console ( the more powerful one too...resolution gate will haunt them for the rest of this cycle) that builds on the great features of the XB1.

chrisco84au2152d ago

I rarely agree with your posts, nothing personal but this time you have nailed it here.

Keep improving, the direction they are moving in is great and keep on that track, keep selling at record rates for an XBOX console and come out firing next gen.

MS are not losers in this scenario, they are learning from last mistakes and as long as they do not repeat them, they are self aware, they are fine.

Well said bubble for you Flex buddy.

xHeavYx2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

People like this author who are surprised that the PS4 is selling so well forget that, even though MS messed up at launch, the Playstation console has always sold more. Even at launch the PS3 sold more worldwide every month than the 360. Xbox appeals mostly in America and UK, but the rest of the world has always been Playstation territory.

suckingeggs2152d ago Show
xKugo2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Just speaking in terms of assets, Microsoft could come out with the more capable console, but that was true last generation and the consoles where if anything equal or in favor of the PS3. This is evident when you look at the visual aspects of each publisher's respective exclusives and compare them against each other. I don't think too many people(outside of diehard Xbox fans) would argue that PlayStation had the best looking exclusives(and by far the most) last generation in the years that Xbox was even still competing in that department(this is from the years of 2007-2011). If I included the years 2012 and 2013, which saw GOW: Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls, TLOU, Sly Cooper: A Thieves in Time,I would have a hard time justifying a comparison, tbh. Even with Sony being worth but a fraction of Microsoft's net worth, they still put out the most capable console(graphically speaking). People really need to realize that the Xbox department doesn't have Microsoft's entire budget at it's disclosure and with it failing to be as profitable as they hoped(not to mention the massive amounts of R&D that went into developing Kinect 2.0, only for it to be a colossal failure) probably means that they are less inclined to invest in building a really powerful console than you are giving them credit for. That's just my opinion, though. Take it as you will...

To be completely honest, with the direction that Microsoft as a whole is taking, I'm not so sure that the next box they put out will even be a traditional console. Bridging the gap between PC and Xbox, which they are very serious about, has me contemplating whether they would build something more akin to Steam's version of a console rather than something like what we have right now. Again, this is my opinion.

miyamoto2152d ago

I really believe MS is transitioning to a Windows based PC/Console like the Steam Machine.

It makes perfect sense to unify all MS Windows devices under the popularity of the Windows brand.

They are gonna hit two birds in one stone - the PC gamers and the Console gamers with one OS.

And ironically this is the PS4 strategy by Mark Cerny.

Why they did not do this since the original Xbox is beyond me.

MS tried to combat PS4 and Apple TV with "One" stone and they hit none and that was very tragic.

I believe when Mark Cerny asked the game developers what they want for the PS4, Windows PC Compatibility is on top of their wish lists. And now we are seeing the fruits of that creation.

Like I said no technical solution can save the Xbox One, because the problem is about the people who designed it.

MS should make and name their next gaming machine with the "Windows" branding.

Just my instinct, though.

madmonkey012152d ago

this would not have been different, as evidenced by the ps2 and ps3 vs xbox and xbox 360, playstation brand is just too much stronger worldwide, while xbox 360 was popular in NA last gen, pretty much everywhere else stuck with ps3 for what ever reason it remained the more popular console. the ps4 would likely have continued that tradition regardless of the xbox being same price or not. Xbox is cheaper now, and it has a lot of press suggesting it is the place to go for gamers, but it is still being outsold resoundingly.

AndrewLB2152d ago

Talk about a load of rubbish. Globally the Xbox 360 sold 20 million more games than PS3. The only reason why PS3 consoles outsold 360 was because everyones crapped out half-way through the generation and people like my parents bought one for the blu-ray since it was cheaper and better than regular home theater bluray players.

madmonkey012152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

@above, you really want to bring up console reliability into a comment defending the xbox 360?

we have no accurate numbers on game sales anyway, . maybe the 12/18 months head start helped with that maybe it didnt,

ABBAJESUS2152d ago

499$ console without Kinect would not have problems @ 1080p/60fps that's for sure

otherZinc2152d ago ShowReplies(3)
OC_MurphysLaw2152d ago

@FlexLuger... I really would agree. Coming out of the gate $100 more with Kinect in the box, power advantage to Sony and Don Mattrick's horrible PR and decision to be always online... The Xbox One stumbled hard and really gave this generations win to Sony. That you said... continuing to improve their position and beating 360 numbers likely will keep MS happy to go another generation and take nothing for granted with the new box and continue their new stance of actually listening to the user base.

Christopher2152d ago

I actually agree, mostly, about Kinect being one of the massive reasons why XBO did as poorly as it did. It was the #1 reason I did not buy an XBO over the PS4.

nitus102151d ago

Initially the Kinect was an integral [art of the XB1 purchase and this forced many people who would have normally purchased a Microsoft console to seriously look at the PS4 which was $100.00 cheaper.

I think the tipping point in favour of the PS4 was Microsoft's almost arrogant attitude to to the "always on" and draconian DRM policies such as no second hand games.

Of course we all know that Microsoft did a 180 degree turn which made the Kinect an optional purchasable peripheral, the "always on" and the DRM polices were also removed.

Even though Microsoft reversed many of it's initial polices with regard to the XB1 the damage had already been done.

FlexLuger2151d ago

"I think the tipping point in favour of the PS4 was Microsoft's almost arrogant attitude to to the "always on" and draconian DRM policies such as no second hand games. "

I agree with this. When I heard don say..."we have a console that is not always online...its called the x360"..I wanted to jump through the screen and choke him. It was enough to push me to buy the PS4 at luanch. I was not going to own an xbox as long as that man was in charge. But then phil took over and the xbox started to be more like the console I wanted it to be...minus the API choice...But here we are today...And its the console I play the most.

wellard2152d ago

I agree with what you are saying however MS also have the habbit if getting distracted mid generation and forgetting about gamers. With the original Xbox it was a sudden lack of support and the with the 360 once kinect dropped the games stopped. So as much as I find this new surge of Microsofts exciting, it does leave me wondering how long they can keep it up before they go back to their old ways.

+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 2151d ago
PhoenixUp2153d ago

Xbox One never had a chance of surpassing PlayStation 4 in total sales because its brand has nowhere near the global appeal. This is why XB1 is falling behind PS3 at the same point in time. The slowest selling PlayStation console doing better than the fastest selling Xbox console in their first 21 months on the market shows the true potential of each brand.

People tend to forget two things, that PlayStation is still a major force in NA and that the region never belongs to any gaming brand forever. It was never going to be an easy win for Microsoft either way, especially after Sony unveiled its 8th gen console to such universal praise in Feb 2014

Foehammer2153d ago ShowReplies(5)
gamer11382152d ago

I would say xbox did have a chance of having global appeal...if they'd made the right decisions and had the right focus starting from a clear reveal of the console. That didn't happen. However, it will really all work out for the best, xbox has been humbled and are doing everything they can to make it up to gamers. The focus on games is the perfect example, and there are some exciting titles to look forward to in the future. The same thing happened with Sony and PS.3 After the PS2, they were too cocky, thought they could do what they wanted and were caught out by a hungrier opponent, two if you through nintendo and the Wii in that!

PhoenixUp2152d ago

How would that ever be possible? PS3 outsold 360 in every region besides NA and UK. There's no way Microsoft could've beat them in the global market last gen, so there's no way they could've don't it this gen.

Idk why people are harping so much on XB1's reveal when it still manages to have the second highest launch numbers ever. Whereas PS3 also had a controversial E3, it still went on to sell greater numbers in first 21 months than XB1 because of the global appeal

gamer11382152d ago

Some fair points from this guy, however I really think he underestimates exclusives, specifically Halo. After that opening cinematic they just showed, the hype train is going into overdrive and we're still just under two months from launch! Halo 5 is Microsoft's last major stab at grabbing those old 360 owners before they buy a PS4. They may even see sales from former 360 owners(now PS4 players) purely because of Halo.

BitbyDeath2152d ago

So you're saying if Halo 5 doesn't push the console nothing will?

xKugo2152d ago

Absolutely..if Halo can't make a dent, then nothing will. And to be honest, they chose the wrong time to release this game, because COD and BF are going to cannibalize both the airwaves(TV advertising) and a huge chunk of Halo's potential sales. Any thought of Halo doing numbers like Halo 3(which a lot of it's fans seem to think it will despite looking at Halo 4 YTD sales) need to be forgotten.

MeliMel2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )


Dude if you own an Xbox you will most likely be buying Halo 5 along with Fallout 4 and COD.
I dont think Halo has anything to worry about. It will still sell its 3-5mil easy. Not big numbers compared to COD but thats ok. I will be play Halo more thats for sure. I have Halo 5, Fallout 4, COD,Siege pre ordered. Shootout galore this winter!

chrisx2152d ago

Ps4 is ontop for a reason. it tends to a more diverse set of gamers while x1 tends to only a specific type(shooters and racers). no bias,just facts

Kurt Russell2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Although I think it's high time for my Playstation to get some decent racers... and a good wheel. Driveclub doesn't cut it for me... looks nice but I can't stand the silly driving mechanics.

UnwanteDreamz2152d ago

GT is the most popular console racer of all time. Good things come to those who wait.

cd12152d ago

One thing Driveclub did get right is the flag system for corners, can't stand the whole visible racing line thing - it completely takes me out of the game.

I'm not saying Evolution Studios invented it as i haven't played every racing game - i just like it.

Fro_xoxo2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

nothing to do with that.. on XO it use to be, "only shooters", now it's "only Shooters and Racers"...

We seem to get "only" this and that whenever a platform excels are a particular genre. .

There are diverse games and gamers on every platform. . this gen.

The big AAAs, the Actions titles will continue to do bigger numbers than other genres. That doesn't mean other genres don't exist.

My XO library is diverse, but you wouldn't know as you dont own one.

Almost as silly as me saying, "PS4 only does niche titles, where are the AAAs?"

Kiwi662152d ago

Then please wise one tell me then if xbox has only shooters & racers then how do you explain games like screamride , neverwinter , ori and other games that aren't shooters or racers yet certain fanboys don't acknowledge the diverse line up of games that are on xbox because it doesn't fit their bias towards it

wellard2151d ago

I can't answer for the person you're trying to belittle however I can take a stab at an answer on his behalf. What are the sales like on the games you mentioned when compared to the sales of games like cod and forza on the Xbox One. What's the attach ratio? I hope that helps you in trying to understand what he means.

freshslicepizza2152d ago

those aren't facts, it's a stereotype that dates back to the original xbox many seem to want to continue spreading even though it is no longer true. the only genre it really lacks is jrpg's and that reason is obvious. those games mainly cater to japanese gamers and that region seems to be the least supportive of the xbox brand since day one and never let up.

the ps4 did everything right even before it launched. now the question remains is does sony still deserve the 2-1 sales lead?

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 2151d ago
triple_c2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I think the PS4 is just the better machine. And I am going to list reasons as to why it's the better machine. Everything I'm going to list is a FACT that will support my opinion.

1. Cheaper online
2. Shareplay (a feature Xbox One doesn't have and isn't confirmed to be getting)
3. It has a bigger catalog of games
4. More diverse catalog of exclusives (I mean you guys are getting Halo, Gears and Forza this year, sound familiar? Of course it does, it's the same shit you guys get every year.)
5. More powerful
6. Has better looking and performing multiplats
7. Has more developer support
8. More first party studios making games for it
9. F2P online games are actually F2P and not locked behind a paywall like they are on Xbox One
10. Apps like Netflix don't require you to have PS + and are not locked behind a paywall like they are on Xbox One
11.Game installs are much faster
12. The UI is much more simpler and easier to use and it's easier to find settings
13. The PS4 controller is more innovative and has things that it's predecessor didn't have. It has a built in speaker, a light bar and a touch pad which enhances game play and the DS4 is also redesigned to fit people with small, medium and large hands unlike the DS3 which was more for people with small and medium size hands, meanwhile the Xbox One controller is more or less the same as the 360's controller was with minimal improvements.
14. The PS4 has bigger WW appeal because it has more exclusives that appeal too many different markets/audiences and the PlayStation brand in general has more brand recognition overall which says a lot
15. Project Morpheus which makes the PS4 the 1st console to have VR functionality.

Everything I listed is a FACT, maybe except for the UI part and these are some of the reasons the PS4 is winning people. Mainly it's due to Sony's track record with the PlayStation brand and the games which is the most important part of a console but it's also a combination of the all other little things that just makes it better.

Remember that this is just my OPINION at the end of the day so don't get bent out of shape crucify me over it lol

Eiyuuou2152d ago

First you say you state FACTS, then you say that it's your OPINION.

Aren't you kinda contradicting yourself?

triple_c2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I think the PS4 is better. That's my opinion

Everything that I listed on why the PS4 is better is a fact that backs up my opinion.

And I quote -
"I think the PS4 is just the better machine. And I am going to list reasons as to why it's the better machine. Everything I'm going to list is a FACT that will support my opinion."

I already explained this in the beginning of my post but I guess that part of my post went right over your head...

green2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

You say that is is your OPINION at the end of the day but go on to say that everything you listed is FACT. So which is it because OPINION and FACT are not the same.

- Cheaper onine? Nope, they are the same price where i live so that ain't FACT
- Bigger catalogue is a FACT but not the reason it is selling better because bigger does not mean better. If it did, then lets all pack up our consoles and be PC and mobile phone gamers because their catalogue eclipses both the WII, X1 and PS4 catalogue combined.
- PS4 controller being better is an Opinion.
- Has more developer support. ANy proof to back that up?
- Apps like Netflix don't require you to have PS + and are not locked behind a paywall like they are on Xbox One. SHows you do not own an Xbox One because apps are not locked behind a paywall.
- More power leading to better sales is not also a FACT, if it was then the PS3, Original Xbo, N64 would have been the best selling console but they were not. This is the first time in history that the most powerful console is the best selling console
- More diverse catalogue is also an OPINION. I love simulation racers but there are none on the PS4 so until Sony gets GT7, the PS4 is not an option.

One thing you failed to mention which is a FACT is that Microsoft messed up at launch and SOny were absolutely fantastic and that is what set the precident for what we see happening today.

Also, the fact sony launched a powerful console with a pocket friendly price made the purchase of the console a no brainer for a lot of early adopters.

Why o why2152d ago

Lol, opinions and facts can be the same green.

I think too many people are putting too much emphasis on MS's bad start like they expected to be neck n neck.

I personally think the gap wouldn't of been as wide but there still would of been a gap. Ms knew this last gen so they risked reputation to release before the ps3. Sonys delay made that headstart more prominent. From the moment the ps3 launched it was out pacing the 360 even at a higher pricepoint. Head to head with sony has proved to be a much harder battle than it was with headstarts. If this was the othr way around with the x1 being delayed for a year......massacre

Some people also need to factor in the ill feeling ms left many gamers with in regards to their shortcomings last gen ie hardware issues, focus switch away from their core due to minect and their end of gen slow down where they relied heavily on 3rd parties. They may not of affected the midset of n4gs biggest xbox supporters but if you think many gamers didn't switch to or back to sony as a result then you're quite naive.

I would also blame the price for the first portion of this gen but ms fixed that quickly and has been cheaper than the ps4 for the majority of this gen yet its still being outpaced

Lon3wolf2152d ago

Cheaper online, not for me I can get 12 month PS+ for £35, and Live 12 month for £20, so I dispute that fact with my own straight away as my facts are different to yours.

I own all 3 consoles and they are all as good as each other but for different reasons.

green2152d ago

"I own all 3 consoles and they are all as good as each other but for different reasons. "

You hit the nail on the head buddy.

Each console has its strengths and weaknesses.

LightofDarkness2152d ago

All 3 and a PC right here. If we're talking purely quality of games and exclusives then we should all be championing the Wii U. If we're championing quality of experience and graphics then we should be all about that PC. But no, we're not. There's some "elephant in the room" reason as to why people simply refuse to acknowledge those other platforms, and I think we all know what it is.

Lon3wolf2152d ago


Yeah PC for me too :D, I love them all but my wallet does not.

343_Guilty_Spark2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

1. You've been able to get Xbox Live Gold for $30 for the past several months. Also didn't PS+ go up in price?
2. Shareplay isn't available for all titles.
3. Bigger selection of games - yea, I own over 25+ games and doubt I even have more than 1% of the entire XB1 catalog. This is a non-factor.
4. I don't agree. Micosoft hits on just about every genre thay is important to Western gamers, not only that their games typically outsell and review better in their genres compared to PS4 exclusives: Halo 5 is miles better than Killzone, Gears series was the best 3rd person shooter of last gen, Forza and Horizon are the best in class and exceed Driveclub, Ori is better than Tearaway, Sunset Overdrive had more variety and fun than Infamous, and Crackdown expands the 3rd person platformer/shooter with cloud destruction. Sony doesn't even has its own fighting series and Killer Instinct is again gaining popularity. Quantum Break will give an extremely strong challenge to UC4 in the 3rd person action genre and looks much more varied and interesting. Visually I might give QB the edge. Scalebound looks every bit as interesting as Horizon and gives us some action rpg goods. Microsoft is also expanding its MOBA library with Fable Legends which is Moba like and Gigantic and Smite. Also, Sony doesn't have an answer to Minecraft.
5 and 6. True, the PS4 is more powerful. I agree but don't act like there are some gigantic disparities in the way games look visually. There isn't.
7. Subjective. Microsoft has a lot of quality studios in house and 3rd parties working on major and small projects.
8. Microsoft has more first party studios.
9. This is a lie. F2P games like KI, Project Spark, and fable Legends have paid items but you can still play the game the game and earn points/credits to unlock more characters. It's really no different than playing Hearthstone which is F2P i might add.
10. This is another lie. You don't need Gold to watch Netflix on XBO.
11. True but this should change with the next UI update.
12. Sure until Xbo get the new UI.
13. The PS4 is a fine controller but in competitive play (especially FPS) I'd rather have the more durable tighter fitting controller. batteries also last longer in Xb1 controllers. Also the Elite Controller will arguably be the best controller on the market hands down.
14. It might also have something to do with Microsoft being in the game for less time. sony has been around for 20 years.
15. Microsoft is partnering with Oculus, Valve on VR headsets and has hololens which is unlike anything on PS4. I like the idea of investing in parters who have establish tech, plus ai can use the superior Oculus on PC. Can you use Morpheus on PC.

No mention of external HDD SUPPORT, true backwards compatibility vs PS now renting, Live vs PSN Reliability and speed, xbox to PC streaming and eventually PC to Xbox streaming, etc etc.

MasterCornholio2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Nope the year!y subscription costs the same as always. So no a yearly subscription of PlayStation plus didn't go up in price.

So why are you trying to compare a yearly subscription of Xbox Live live a 3 month subscription of PlayStation plus in Europe?


BTW retail stores also sell PlayStation plus subscriptions at discounted prices and Amazon does ad well. I managed to buy my last one for only 20€ at a sale.

triple_c2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

1. Xbox Live is still more expensive.
2. Okay? It's still a great feature that the Xbox One doesn't have
3. Uhm.. the PS4 has more games. That is a fact. Don't know why you're trying to deny that fact
4. Okay.. this is an opinion.
5. You agree with me
6. You agree with me
7. No, it's not subjective. The PS4 has more games that have came out for it and more games that are releasing for it. So it has more developer support. That is a fact.
8. Not true, Sony has more 1st party studios.
Sony has 14 studios and Microsoft has 11
9. Yes but you need Xbox Live gold to play them from last I heard. Not sure
10. Last I heard you needed XBL Gold to use streaming apps. If they changed I didn't know. My bad. But I do know that the Xbox One is pretty restrictive with the paywall when it comes to lots of features though.
12. You agree with me
13. Another opinion. Everything I stated about the PS4 controller having more innovative features is a fact.
14. You agree with me
15. Project Morpheus is still the first VR device with functionality on a console. It was announced first and is coming out before Oculus or HoloLens is on the Xbox One in early 2016.

You're using lots of opinions to counter my arguments.

phantomxll2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

@Triple the FACT that you have made claims as facts when you are flat out wrong does not change. Paywalls to watch Netflix? Wrong.
Live is the more restrictive of the two? So PS Now on PS plus is not restrictive? Wait can you still play the free games you have downloaded on PS Plus even when your subscription runs out? That would be pretty restrictive.
The fact is that every console has their plus and minuses. Stop being blind to your own biases and try to think as a gamer and not a fanboy.

freshslicepizza2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

2. this can be countered with windows 10
4. why do people like you continue to ignore other games like crackdown, quantum break, zoo tycoon, fable, scalebound, recore, ori and the blind forest sea of thieves and many other games?
10. changes were made in 2014, so much for facts,

"With the changes in place today, this means that everyone can enjoy the amazing gaming, TV and entertainment experiences that Xbox has to offer, right out of the box. With an Xbox One or Xbox 360, you now get access to a vast range of our most popular entertainment apps, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, YouTube, Twitch, ESPN, NFL, Xbox Music, and experiences such as Internet Explorer, Skype, OneDrive, OneGuide, and Upload Studio without needing Xbox Live Gold*."

13. some people prefer the xbox one controller. your comments are based on preferences, not facts. and the new elite will be even better.
15. what about hololens?

you see, this is what the article touches on, biased views and your views are more than being biased, they are trying to pass things as fact when they really aren't.

here is a fact that is 100% accurate, people like you should not even mention the xbox one. it serves no purpose other than to mislead others. sadly there are many others that share the same ignorance and that includes views on the ps4, wii u, pc and any other platform.

lastking952152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Yes everyone has there opinion and not everyone will agree and not everyone is informed about the other console (you clearly don't know xbox one) Ps4 is a good console in fact it's a great one but in my opinion xbox one is better do to the follwing.

1.It's Cheaper and games look identical
2.Better online
3.Better deals for games, freebies and online sub
4.Innovative Ui with multi task and community in mind and will be getting w10 to make it faster
5.Better exclusive franchise such as Halo, fable and Gears. (Ps4 is getting mlb, gow remaster and uncharted remasters sound familiar? Works both ways)
6.More durable, more efficient, better controller for shooters
7.more service's, apps and 3rd party deals like ea access, nfl, ect
8.Has better company support that's trying hard (which lead to them removing the paywall making 10 untrue)
9.Kinect great for many things and unparalleled motion/voice gaming
10.Constant updates to keep improving the console
11.More quiet, efficient console
12.Power of the Cloud revolutionary innovation
13.Exclusive line up is looking better through 2015-16
all this is fact other than the exclusive comments.

triple_c2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

"all this is fact other than the exclusive comments."

You sure about that?

1. Cheaper is a fact, games looking identical is an opinion
2. Opinion
3. Opinion
4. Opinion
5. Opinion
6. Opinion
7. Fact
8. Opinion (However, in terms of software support I agree that the Xbox One is getting more of it. In terms of game support I disagree. It all depends on what subject you are referring too.)
9. Opinion
10. Fact
11. Fact
12. Fact
13. Opinion

Most of the things you listed are opinions. You're passing your opinions off as facts. You should know that anytime you say something is better than something else, it's an opinion. I can't believe so many of you guys don't know the difference between opinions and facts. It amazes me. You keep trying to use opinions to counter my arguments. Yes, I was wrong about the paywall thing for streaming apps but everything else I stated is a FACT with the exception of the UI part which most people agree (including Xbox fanboys) that the PS4's UI is simpler and easier to navigate but whatever.. If you guys want to act like what I said is not true then do it. Whatever helps you sleep better at night lol

phantomxll2152d ago

Ok. I'm not going to reply everything because of time restraints...

2. You can actually share your entire digital game library on Xbox One. Not just for an hour either. I think that's better than shareplay.

3. Does it have a bigger catalogue of games that people want to play?

4. Sony is also rehashing some familiar games. God of War, GT, Uncharted to name a few.

5. More powerful in certain areas yes. But it also falls short in others.

6. More pixels does not equal better looking. Better looking would mean you could clearly see a difference just by a glance. You need digital foundry to tell you what pixels are different.
Better perfornance? In some games yes. In some games no.

7. More developer support? I don't know how you even came to that conclusion. Do you have a full list of developers only supporting ps4 and only supporting xbox?

9. What pay wall are you talking about?

10. What are you talking about? Please do your research.

12. For now yes.

triple_c2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

2. You can do the same on the PS4 as long as you activate your account as a primary account on that persons PS4 then you can play their digital games. So I'm not sure how that is an advantage that the Xbox One has over the PS4 when the PS4 can do the same thing.

3. Damage control

4. Does God of War, GT and Uncharted come out every year though? Uncharted is also ending and God of War is most likely ending with the next installment. You're comparing games series that come out every couple of years to game series that come out ever year and don't seem to be ending anytime soon. Microsoft has been known to keep on releasing either Halo, Forza or Gears every year. It's the Halo, Gears Forza combo you still see from last gen. Microsoft's 1st party studio's typically release the same AAA exclusives which are Halo, Gears and Forza. I mean look at last generation, look at how Sony killed Microsoft in terms of first party support. Hell, look at most of the Xbox One's AAA exclusives this gen. Most of them are shooters. The Xbox has that stigma of being a shooter box in lots of peoples eyes since last generation. PlayStation has always had more variety with JRPG's and just more games across different genres, not just shooters. You can damage control it all you want but that's a fact and last generation is a perfect example of what I mean.

5. Damage control

6. Damage control

7. The PS4 has more games that have been released and more games that are releasing for it. By default it has more developer support due to that fact alone.

9. The paywall for f2p's is what I'm talking about.

10. I was wrong about the paywall for streaming and entertainment apps like Netflix. My mistake but XBL gold is still more restrictive than PS Plus is. That was what I was eluding to in my statements about the XBL gold paywall. You can't play f2p's online, you can't do anything with recorded clips without XBL gold can't use upload studio without XBL gold, can't cross game chat, can't message people without XBL gold, etc. These are all things you can do without PS Plus. XBL gold is just more restrictive, always has been and still is.. That is a fact and before you say you get to keep the free games you get with GWG, just keep in mind that only 360 users get to keep their GWG games, not Xbox One users. And last I checked we are talking about the Xbox One and the PS4, not the 360.

12. You agree

All you and other people are doing is damage controlling the things I've listed. You can damage control all you want, you can mash that disagree button all you want but it isn't going to change the facts at the end of the day.

The article was about which was better and I stated my case as to why I think the PS4 is better. My post wasn't intended for me to go back and fourth with people. It's not like I'm lying so I don't even know why you guys feel the need to damage control or even respond to me when the things I listed are facts with the exception of 1 or 2 things which I pointed out were opinions (which Xbox fans agree with) or just errors on my part. If you like and prefer Xbox then cool. I prefer PlayStation and I like the product that I have and as long as I like the product that I have that is all that matters to me. I don't care about any of your opinions or preferences and the same rule should apply in vice versa. As long as you like the product that you have, my opinion or preference shouldn't matter to you or hold any weight.

wellard2151d ago

Those are all opinions. Please please do tell me how the lightbar and touch pad have innovated anything? On my ps4 they do nothing for innovation. Apart from having an extra button to use for opening maps. Which coincidently wouldn't be needed If the share button was still select. Wow innovation. Love my ps4 but I hate fellow biased owners like you.

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