DKS3713: The big announcement is tomorrow writes:"any of you are fearing that the 'big' announcement at DKS3713 is the Final Fantasy XIII demo being exclusive to the Playstation 3.

Tomorrow is the big day, tomorrow is the day where Square Enix reveal what they have in store for Playstation 3 owners. A new exclusive will be announced tomorrow, day 2 of Square Enix's private party event.


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Omega44318d ago

But the big announcement was related to FFVII:ACC so it has to be the demo

Tomorrow will likely just give everyone there a chance to play all the playable demos

cloudman4318d ago

What are you so worried about?

worried like Mircosft???

Omega44318d ago

Me worried...HELL NO!!!

The only worried one is you, your just scared that SE let you down again, you better hope and pray they announce something for the PS3 tommorrow

gaffyh4318d ago

It's best if you don't get your hopes up for a shock anouncement, cos I don't think there will be one. :(

I kinda expected that FFVII: ACC would be coming with a XIII demo, so it wasn't shocking at all.

cloudman4318d ago

You are right?

am scared and nervous that SE might let me down. You seem scared as well
however i have already sold all of my Square-Enix games. So dont trust SE as much.

I dotn expect much from them. But if they can suprise they will get me back on there side. just liek they suprised me with FF13 360 and got me off there side

mikeslemonade4318d ago

Square enix is running on a thin line this exclusive better be worthwhile. If they annouce some arcade game there image as a company will be ruined. I really don't expect anything big from them based on the number of games they are already working on. They have around 8 games that they are currently working on. Another big project would be too ambitious, but as long as we know a big exclusive is coming in 5 years i'm happy.

meepmoopmeep4318d ago

you might want to change your avatar and sell it like your FF games.

dude, the games are great no matter what platform they're on.

Homicide4318d ago

I never expected a FFXIII and Parasite Eve game on the PSP. That's great news for PSP owners. I hope the big announcement is Infinite Undiscovery on PS3 or some other FFVII game.

Black_Jack4318d ago

omega give it a rest!

the only reason you say that is because you're a fanboy. when i read the article, i thought to myself hey this sounds good, another big announcement maybe. great for any FF fan. but you're just denying it because the article says it could be a ps3 exclusive. if you're an ff fan, which by the sounds of it you aren't, why aren't you excited at all?

stop p***ing on the parade..

RemmM4318d ago

So its obvious its going to be good for PS3.

DeadIIIRed4318d ago

But I love watching 360 owners eat their own words. Will there be a huge announcement tomorrow? I don't know, but even if there isn't the PS3 still gets FFXIII early and Versus exclusively so its not a big loss.

Millah4317d ago this kid is such an annoying little MS tool. Every post I see from him is lame.

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Alexander Roy4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I hope they end it with a bang. Like, all the people are about to leave, somebody steps up and says "Oh sorry guys, we forgot something." And then, megaton, the internet melts. So...

Final Fantasy VIII remake, here I COME!!
Yes, I wrote VIII. Eight. 8. As in between seven (7) and nine (9). I admit it, VIII is my favourite.

But as much as I'd like to see THAT happen, if it's a remake, it will be VII. Because that game F'in prints money.

cloudman4318d ago

"Like, all the people are about to leave, somebody steps up and says "Oh sorry guys, we forgot something."

That is what i want to happen. Definatley. They did that to PS3 fans and shocked them

Now they should do that to 360 Fans!!!!!!!!!!

mistertwoturbo4318d ago

I'd rather have a FFVI remake. Best story out of all FF's every created.

cloudman4318d ago

FFX was better than FFVI

All FF's are such a great experience

However FF12 is NOT!!!

Black_Jack4318d ago

dont be stupid, FFXII was an excellent game. I'm sure most people will agree.

thePatriot4318d ago

I have a soft spot for my fist final fantasy game and that was 9. Story might not be the best but its my favorite. caracters and character development throughout story was phenomenal. you could not look in vivi's eyes and not instantly fall in love in that game. If only they remade 9 and made the battle system more complicated or harder, thats my dream. 12 had a great battle system but boy was it boring.

TapiocaMilkTea4318d ago

ME TOO! I really liked 8, but then it will come after 6, then 10 will come next on the list, followed by 12. 6 has both gameplay value and good storyline, whereas 8 only has a good storyline. 10 has mediocre gameplay and story, and 12 has only good gameplay. Story and character development are most important to me.
It could also be the fact that as I grow older I became less attached to video games, notice how I rank them in order: 6,8,10,12.

AKIronMaiden4318d ago

8 is also my favorite. Alot of people disagree, and yeah, they wouldn't remake it, at least before they remade 7, if that ever happens. I actually 8,9, and 10 more than 7. 8 , 10 and tactics have always been my favorite. And if they remade 8 before 7 people would be pissed.

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jkhan4318d ago

I want an exclusive PS3 FFVII remake and I want it this year:D

Panthers4318d ago

Well me too, but this year aint happening for FFXIII or FFVII if there is one.

fufotrufo4318d ago

who knows ..but to mee seems like a fan waiting

Update: The rest of today's and tomorrow sessions are supposed to show the same thing according to the event's official site, and unless S-E is planning to show some kind of surprise in the end - that's it for DKS3713. We hope you enjoyed our live updates, and we'll try and keep you up-to-date if anything else is released. forever-fantasy

Relcom4318d ago

Hard to believe when they have absolutely no proof.

fufotrufo4318d ago

exactly shane from 1up said ..the demo was the announcement..and forever fantasy reported that tomorrow sessions are supposed to show the same thing according to the event's official site

dunno if true ..but i think people blew this out of proportion ..the demo is kindof big news if you ask ..not so much if compared to a remake..but hey ..they never said it was going to happend