Xbox One Elite 1 TB SSHD Bundle Now Available for Pre-Order at GameStop, Microsoft Store and Amazon

Do you want to get your hands on one of those spiffy Xbox One Elite bundles coming with the Elite Controller and a one terabyte solid state hybrid drive? Now you can, as it’s finally available for pre-order.

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Foehammer1324d ago

Very nice

The pinnacle of precision and quality.

KiwiViper851324d ago

Damn, that's nice.

But I thought the 1Tb model was going full matte?

FlexLuger1324d ago

sweet..A 1TB SSD? I may buy another XB1 one day if they do a nice limited edition model of these. My 1TB COD:AW edition serves me just fine :)

FITgamer1324d ago

1TB Hybrid drive. A 1TB SSD is over $300.

freshslicepizza1324d ago

the drive alone is worth about $200 more than the one built in regular xbox one systems and the controller is about $100 more than a regular controller. i'd say $499 is a decent deal for this.

2pacalypsenow1324d ago

@moldy actually you can find a hybrid drive for $70

freshslicepizza1323d ago

oh it's not a true ssd? good to know.

FlexLuger1323d ago

I know the price of SSDs guys. I have 7 between my two computers.

I think this is a dope bundle, but I alreadfy have a 1tb, and its a limited edition. I would want this console in a limited edition colour scheme/theme aswell. Crazy How I got 6 dissagrees. People really hate to see me spend my money, eh? lol

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dcbronco1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I was thinking they should do something like this. I would have expected a regular 500gb hd and the controller. This is even better. Hope someone does a teardown on one of these. I'm betting it's a 20nm APU.

pelenow1324d ago

I was thinking the same thing when it was announced.

LifeInNZ1324d ago

I've just upgraded to a 1TB model darn it!

Benchm4rk1324d ago

I would of bought one of these if they weren't releasing the Halo 5 Edition console. I have to have that

StrayaKNT1324d ago

Same. Such a hard decision.