FFXIII demo was the 'shock' announcement

On yesterday's 1UP podcast, at 1:36:54, Shane Bettenhousen stated: "What I said about the Pendulum swinging back in Square Enix's favor in the PS3 will be revealed at this event. I wish I could talk about it, but the content on the Bluray disc on advent Children will do something on your PS3."

Disappointingly, he simply referred to the very-recently announcement on the PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII demo on Advent Children Complete.

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Alexander Roy4393d ago

Cool. But shouldn't I be, like, shocked?

Don't get me wrong, I like it. Bought the movie as soon as it was released in English (didn't want to spend my time reading the subs) and loved it. I even got the UMD with it (accidently, didn't read the whole description) and I plan to buy AC:C as soon as it will be released in a language I understand. I'm looking forward to XIII was well. It just didn't shock me to hear the demo would be on the disc, too. The same was done with DQVIII and ZOE2, or SpiderMan 2, to stay with movies.
So, yeah, I'm happy about it, but not shocked at all.

cloudman4393d ago

The shock announcement is tommrow. Who doesnt save the best for last???

Also i wish they tell everyone it has finsihed then say "oh we forget something". They did that to PS3 owners. they didnt need to really do it that way to PS3 owners, they were being jerks. It kinda show they were paid or teamed up with MS!!!!

La Chance4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

the internet overhyped this "announcement".With FF13 going multiplat and stuff the sony camp was dreaming for FF7.But dreaming doesnt make it come true.

Anyway how do you guys want FF7 remake to be announced when they cant/havnt even finish with FF13 and Versus.

Marcello4393d ago

Ho Hum another damp squib, althou i am not shocked i am pretty annoyed that in order to play the demo were forced to buy Advent Children.

FFS someone resurrect Squaresoft they were legends. Sqeenix sux !!!

Armyless4393d ago

Do you go out of your way to get Disagrees? Or are you just naturally disagreeable?

Megatron084393d ago

I dont call a demo a "shock" its nice and all tho but will it be in english at all ? Its also no real surprised this is only for the ps3 especially if its not being translated.

whoelse4393d ago

It is not a big announcement. The demo is in japan and there is no 360 version of FFXIII in Japan anyway.

La Chance4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )


17 disagrees !

Lol , I guess you guys WERE actually expecting a FF7 remake.

I thought people knew deep down it wasnt coming...guess I was wrong.

@armyless : Im naturally disagreable in real life...but I think the truth hurts too.

Tomdc4393d ago

id like to draw everyones attention to this...

Armyless4393d ago

Truth is, I disagreed with your arrogant assumption about what you think people are expecting. Look past your nose. Your comments are predictably dissident, and slanted anyway, offering very little new to the discussion.

"The great majority of devs prefer the 360"

"its common knowledge now that the 360 will always be... the devs "favourite" console."

"I only own a 360"

"if Res2 was a 360 would be getting only 1/4 of the hype its getting now"

"Moreover people in the minds have the belief that Live is THE superior online experience so paying just seems normal"

"I bet Sony would have loved to charge for PSN but know that it would never have worked because of the differance in "quality" "

"there is no valid justification right now for a 3rd party to make a PS3 exclu since they have the smaller install base"

"FF13 going multiplat just canceled any KO blow the PS3 could give to the 360"

"the jrpgs are just going to keep on rolling on 360 while you wait for some miracle to happen on PS3"

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4393d ago

The BS thing about the site is that this is PS3 news, correct? The demo is on bluray, demo is being released for the PS3, so why then is this listed as Xbox360 news? Why are people trying to start sh!t. Its so obvious and pathetic. I dont care which system "wins" because to me I'm winning, or the gamers are winning, when systems get cheaper and games get better. But for these fanboys who dont even seem to care about the games, which is what one plays, you play the game on a system, you dont play the system. Do fanboys everywhere really have nothing better to do than post PS3 news under Xbox 360 just to spark some fire? Get a life, seriously, REPORTED

Pika-pie4393d ago

Id rather have a demo in March 2009 than some PS3 exclusive announced for release in 2012.

Millah4393d ago

Yea pretty much man....people seem to be jumping to conclusions.

sumfood4u4392d ago

Or the sad Fact that La Chance hase way more bubbles, dissagrees, an ignores than me! I feel like the ugly guy at the dance!

Megaton4392d ago

I'm not shocked either. All the new PSP titles announced were more shocking than this, especially Agito XIII and Parasite Eve 3. Reminds me of G4 when they were hyping "the biggest news in G4 history" which turned out to be Heroes reruns that nobody watched.

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Forbidden_Darkness4393d ago

"What I said about the Pendulum swinging back in Square Enix's favor in the PS3 will be revealed at this event. I wish I could talk about it, but the content on the Bluray disc on advent Children will do something on your PS3."

Not really what i was thinking, but whats this "the content on the Bluray disc on advent Children will do something on your PS3." what does he mean by it?

mindedone4393d ago

it'll play the ff xiii demo?

mfwahwah4393d ago

It also has new HD trailers for Versus XIII and Agito XIII. People never mention that part, but it's more important to me than the demo lol.

La Chance4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

well , Im sure youre a sony fanboy because none of them would have you shocked you if you had put them back in the context.

"the jrpgs are just going to keep on rolling on 360 while you wait for some miracle to happen on PS3"

That for instance was aimed at Lucreto who was bashing , complaining and whining about how all jrpgs on 360 are flops etc in a Tales of Vesperia thread.And its pretty much the same kind of thing for all the other posts.

Taking things out of the context to prove your point and thus not showing all the truth just shows what kind of person you are.You even took segments only and volontaraly cut off the rest of the post to make them look like I was bashing.

Simply pathetic.

I personnaly never would have done that to you though I dont have a clue who you are and never notived you before, but seeing the effort you took to do that makes me think you actually more of a fanboy than I am.

HateFanboys4393d ago

Why dont you try and worry less about video games, and worry more about learning to spell and write. Cuz your ability in both is just horrible, "volontaraly" & "differance". The intelligence of kids these days.

And p.s. you are a fanboy, as a matter of fact i think you're POG

The Lazy One4393d ago

It's easy to judge spelling when you're sitting behind firefox.

Can't you think of something less petty than mocking his spelling of two words?

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Omega44393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Well i guess its a shock in SE's eyes since this is the first time a FF has had a demo, at least i think its is.
Also a PS3 bundle would give Sony much needed help in Japan

Shame there was no FFVII remake annouced, who knows they might annouce Kingdom hearts 3 later today (or tommorrow)

Deviant4393d ago

FFXII had a demo (and so did some other but i am not sure) and this not a shock ..overhyping much ? -.-

Marojado4393d ago

VIII had a demo on the platinum version of VII.

X had a demo, a short one with OPM and a longer one that i got along with some booklets and stuff when i preordered ridiculously in advance. This is hardly a pendulum swing, although i'll take a demo obviously.

I wasn't remotely adverse to XIII coming to 360, but i was hoping for like Star Ocean in return, or at least something new. Meh.

zep4393d ago

Vll had a demo included on the tobal no1 game

m-s-8-24393d ago

I think there was a VIII demo with Brave Fencer Mushashi, as well. The XII demo cam with DQ8 as well

Yuji Naka4393d ago

A VIII Demo came with FF7 Platinum in the UK.

kazuma4393d ago

lol first time final fantasy had a demo? nice one

Max Power4393d ago

but i don't remember which game it came with, i know it wasn't FFVII because i have the original. It could have come with the old Playstation Magazines i used to get.

KarateExplosion4393d ago

Came with brave fencer. Good memory m-s-8-2. I remember it because it was a demo of them storming the beach but in it you could play as Rinoa
when in the real game you wouldn't have had her yet.

Millah4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

First time FF has had a demo?? Sorry pal, but not even close...I guess you weren't much of a gamer back in Final Fantasy's glory days...back when Squaresoft used to be top notch.

Ohh now I see, after looking through his profile, Omega is a stupid X-bot, so thats why he thinks this is the first FF demo. 360 is probably this kids first experience being a "gamer," and hes one of these new-age FF bandwagoners that weren't around when FF got started. lollers

A FF Ps3 bundle would give Ps3 "much needed" help in Japan. Are you insane, or just incredibly ignorant? Whos the one who needs help in Japan? Sony, who managed to outsell a years worth of 360 sales in just the first week of Ps3's release, or the 360 who is failing miserably over there.

Also, in case you weren't aware, but FF13 will be a Ps3 exclusive in Japan, so I'm pretty sure Sony is all set. A bundle would be a nice bonus, but certainly not a "much needed" assist in selling. roflchop.

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001004393d ago

...that's it ? What the? i'm shocked that i'm not shocked...

TapiocaMilkTea4393d ago

haha, I guess that's the "shock" he was referring to. SHOCKING NEWS, we overhyped FFXIII news and you suckers almost fell for it......again!

Fishy Fingers4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Any body actually surprised? The PS3 version is currently the only version that exists and the demo will on it's own sell a boat load of the BR movie.

360 isn't in development yet how are they doing to put a demo out? This isn't SE swinging back to the PS3, it's just the only place they COULD get a demo out. If the 360 had a BR add-on and the games development was equal on both platforms both would get the demo.

Basically, this is more about selling copies of their movie than anything else.

Maldread4393d ago


I think people always seem to think that surprised anoncements will turn out to be a dream come true, but it usually end up disappointing. Don`t get me wrong a FF13 demo is cool, but hardly surprising.

iamtehpwn4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

but with a Multiplatform Engine, you can cross compile with very little work...That's the point of a multiplatform engine, Really, They could port it to 360 in less than a month or so.

A 360 demo is not coming because It's a Bluray disc, and it would be pretty stupid selling a bluray Movie and then a 360 demo inside.

They also obviously have a deal with Sony Since they also have an FFVII:ACC SKU coming.

Mr Fancy Pants4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

yeah iamtehpwn. are you a developer or something? to know things like that. or are you just assuming all this sh1t? a month? really?

iamtehpwn4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

But Yeah, It should only take about a Month, give or take.
It's like not they're completely remaking the game...see..this is how it works...

I read and understand quite a bit about these development techniques. Due to Crystal Tools (or Any multiplatform Engine), The Functions are generally the same in the API. Meaning that, for example if I was call a random Draw function and psudeo reasons like just saying:

Model.Draw("Lighting.3ds "); // Or whatever Model type they use

So that API is the same even though procedure can be completely different in the actual Library of Crystal Tools, However, it will still compile due to the API/Functions being generally the same--Although if you switch the 360 build of the Crystal Tools Library, It'll compile to 360 with very minimal problems.

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