World of Warcraft, Demon Hunters, and You - Thoughts on the Upcoming Legion Expansion | COG

COG Writes: WoW fans have another new expansion to look forward to and one of our resident experts of the franchise takes some time to sum up what's new and what he hopes will come along with the expansion.

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JohnnyXeo2705d ago

I wonder if WoW can ever stop?

generalwinter2705d ago

Hopefully this can breathe some new life into this title

GrapesOfRaf2705d ago

This is going to be a pretty big expansion. A lot of players have dropped off recently, but I think that's just so they don't burn themselves out before Legion drops.

MercilessDMercer2705d ago

^ I was wondering if WoW can survive!

Paulhammer2705d ago

Hopefully fans are happier with this expansion than they were with the last one.

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