Left 4 Dead coming to PS3, ported by EA

The OPM, Official Playstation Magazine, has today revealed in its latest issue that Left 4 Dead will indeed be coming to Playstation3. It will be ported, once again, by EA. Quote:

"Valve's survival horror game Left 4 Dead is coming to PS3, but EA will be taking on development duties in-house."

The Orange Box PS3 has been one catastrophic port. For these past 8 months, PS3 gamers have repeatedly expressed their disgust and anger towards both EA and VALVE, asking for a fix. Even a petition started by Mike Seedon was published on this website:

Will PS3 gamers do the same mistake twice? I do not think so.

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Bombibomb4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

EA = No thanks.

I'm more interested in that new Rockstar game. Could be the PS3 exclusive Jack Tretton mentioned last year.

Genesis54323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I think EA understands the PS3 hardware now. There won't be any problems with this game. I don't think they'll make the same mistake twice. They're in it for the money.

sunnygrg4323d ago

Stop messing with my head, Valve and EA. If it turns out anything as the Orange Box, I will (insert bad word).

Rock Bottom4323d ago

I don't think EA's engineers understand the PS2 hardware yet, not to mention PS3's.

The Wood4323d ago

i feel ill take less slack because we know its coming so i cant be accused of being fanboyish or a hater. I honestly thought it looked graphically poor although the concept seemed fresh. I hope im wrong though and this game is good whether its better on the 360 or not

gaffyh4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I knew it, I knew that Left 4 Dead would eventually be coming to PS3 as well. Although it's EA so it'll probably be a crappy port. So stay tuned to Left 4 Dead comparison video by GT.

EDIT: Actually wait a minute, is this confirmed? Cos the pic looks lik the rumour section of OPM...

solidt124323d ago

This is a day one purchase for me. This game looks nutz.

BobDog4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

im gonna take the safe option and get it for my pc instead

dont trust ea with ps3 games

HighDefinition4322d ago

Like mostly everyone else is beginning to LOVE the PS3 so, I wouldn`t worry about this port.

BTW, this game looks amazing, and had me reconsidering getting another 360, but I don`t wanta pay for XBL again.

So I REALLY hope it comes to the PS3.

mikeslemonade4322d ago

I played the orange box on PS3 and it wasn't that bad. The load times were longer on Portal, but i only noticed that it was because there was a comparison between the PS3 and 360 version. The Half life games ran fine and I never tried the original Half Life 2 except the beginning and that ran fine.

Left 4 Dead is still a rental. The game looks like crap cause it's running on the old and obsolete Half Life 2 ep 1 engine.

ruibing4322d ago

Those greedy bastards, I really hope Valve gets bought by EA or Activision.

Lifendz4322d ago

fool me once...well, you know that saying. I'm not buying any ports or anything done by a group of devs that don't have the real talent. Thanks for nothing.

CaptainHowdy4322d ago

EA has no reason to neglect the ps3. After that report came out about it being their bread and butter, there should be no 360 exclusives from's talk Mass Effect....

gameraxis4322d ago

this game will probably have a F*&^%ng virus in it that melts the cell, can't trust that fat bastad...

meepmoopmeep4322d ago

mindless shooters = i'm not interested

Milky4322d ago

This is from the RUMOR section of the magazine I think. So this is just speculation.

Overr8ed4322d ago

Well at Least we can say that EA knows how to use the PS3 now so their shouldnt be any errors in Ports. Well we will see.

4322d ago
jwatt4322d ago

How about we just wait and see when the games come out. You can't suck at making ps3 games forever maybe this time they might get it right. I think by now they know how the ps3 community is and we don't except crap so I really don't think they will waste there time with a crappy port when we won't buy it.

mikeslemonade4322d ago

It's probably a timed exclusive for the PC and 360. I'm gonna play it once and return it. The concept of coop games is really good on paper, but when you actually play it's not really much fun because the AI shooters suck. Left 4 Dead doesn't seem to do much of anything different.

Megatron084322d ago

Given it a ps mag owned by sony i dont put much into it. Either way the trailer for it looked cool as hell and made it look really creepy but the gameplay showed at E3 looked dull and boring.

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Forbidden_Darkness4323d ago

Another stolen exclusive by the PS3.

Bombibomb4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Yeah except Sony didn't steal anything. Kaz would rather take a bullet to the head.

Evil Assholes (EA) made the decision.

Alexander Roy4323d ago

Let me guess... Sony paid 50 million Dollar (we all love that number, don't we?), so that Valve would ask EA to port the game.
After what they did with TOB.
Of course.
Now it all makes sense.

That was probably one of the least intelligent comments I read recently.

Deviant4323d ago

wanna bet sony did have to pay 50 mil

Idonthatejustcreate4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

The truth is the PS3 is making EA a buttload of money mainly because it's growing fast and bluerays are much more expensive than a dvd-9.

So why would they not want to make this game in to a huge cash cow?

Sony have stated that they don't pay for 3rd party games so this is EA rubbing Sonys back while so EA can get it's back rubbed in return.

I bet 50 miljon that Sony dosn't even want this game on it's PS3 mainly because EA and valve suck ass on developing on the Cell processor, but who cares when they do it for free?

Rob0g0rilla4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I don't want this on PS3. It's going to be messed up when they do PS3 users dirty again. I hope this is fake. PS3 users didn't do anything to deserve that sh!tty port. They're gamers too and they shouldn't have to deal with these guy's piss poor work and get charged 60 bucks for it. That's not fair.

InMyOpinion4323d ago

I wonder what Sony paid for it.

YogiBear4323d ago

Just like MSoft stole GTA and DMC.

BobDog4322d ago

this was never a exclusive
was always on pc aslwell

when the game first started development ea just assumed ps3 would not be seeing such sales as is atm, so they just didnt bother to make a ps3 version because they would most likely loose money from it, now they see it in a different light though

Diugu4322d ago

... to pay a ton of money for one mindless shooter to be multiplatform. Money would be better spent getting a new ip or making GTAV or something like that exclusive... maybe securing FFXIII. I dont care.

I dont want this game and I hope it came for free... Sony should invest their money inteligently, get some RPGs, use it to make new IPs, give it to team ICO... SO MANY BETTER options than giving money to this more of the same game, infinite possibilities.

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Alexander Roy4323d ago

CONFIRMED: Left 4 Dead coming to PS3, will be another shoddy port by EA


Valve: "Yo guys, we've got another game you can screw up. Interested?"

EA: "Sure thing. Just send us uncomplete code this time, it was a hell of a lot work to cripple The Orange Box to that extent. We'll just make some code up if it doesn't run."

Valve: "Cool. Make sure you still charge the full price for a broken game. Oh and send the guys working on the patches on vacation again - I heard they secretly started to make things better."

Lord_Ash4322d ago

Dude that’s brilliant comedy, just for that take this bubble.

mistertwoturbo4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Nah, you guys are getting it all wrong.

Valve: "EA, if you guys want to push this game beyond what we've done, go ahead and just use the SPU's in the cell"

EA: "What in the world are SPUs?"

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cp684323d ago

You have been treated worse than a garbage bag is, so please do not do the same mistake twice and let EA take advantage of you..or i should say your money.

bruiser814322d ago

i get where your coming from, but ps3 users not buying certain multi-plats only helps the 360. I know it sucks either way, but the only reason 360 get royal treatment is because its perceived to bring in a bigger cash flow.A lot of 360 owners buy games they dont even like to support their system, i have a lot of dumb friends who do so. "NOT" buying games only slows the ps3's potential