DKS3713: Even more details from Dengeki (with images)

Dengeki has published new informations and posted new images from the DKS3713 Private Party 2008.

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Reibooi4322d ago

I'm still most excited about Parasite Eve coming back. It's great that we will get to play it. I hope enough people buy it so square will perhaps make a full blown PS3 remake/sequel. With Agito and Parasite Eve this is certainly an awesome time to own a PSP.

kazuma4322d ago

psp is getting a LOT of love from square lately.
to be launched
The 3rd Birthday
Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy Agito XIII
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

already launched
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Final Fantasy II
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Star Ocean: First Departure
Star Ocean: Second Evolution

and ppl still say square doesn't like sony