This is What The Last of Us 2 Should Look Like and it´s Amazing

Edited by Julien Z.
I took some Ellie artwork, cut it off,changed the colour, pased it in some abandoned tlouish place, cut the hud from an ingame screen off and thats it :)

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DeletedAcc1233d ago

Now my expectations are too high... sorry for making this :(

Thatguy-3101233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Is that Elena? Lol :P

MrSec841233d ago

It looks like someone else too me, blonde with very different facial features.

I like that visual style.
Kind of like a cross between Uncharted 4's visuals and Dreams from Media Molecule, with a bit of Dark Sorcerer in there.

If ND just focused on the visuals and kept the gameplay in the same ballpark as The Last of Us then I think that could be doable at 1080p 30fps on PS4.
No doubt ND would want to push for more physics features, added crafting, with more raw materials usable from the environment, tonnes of more areas to explore and paths to take through the world ala Uncharted 4 compared to all of the past ND PS3 games.
I'd expect a step up from Uncharted 4, hell in the next PS4 released after Uncharted 4 I wouldn't be shocked if they could optimize their use of the hardware to achieve 1080p 60FPS on a game with Uncharted 4 level visuals and gameplay or even real time visuals on a par with the cut scenes like the intro or the ending where we see how amazing Elena and the others look now.
That's all rendered in real time on PS4, but the gameplay sections drop a bit with LOD.

amiga-man1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Graphics played a big part in drawing you into the TLOU world and story making the experience even more real, TLOU was amazing for a PS3 game the PS4 will only make the world even more believable, if they can hit the same notes of the original this will be huge game this gen.

A next gen Clicker heading towards me, (shudders)

DeletedAcc1232d ago

i actually made another one. you can find the new snow screen in the link

Lightning Mr Bubbles1232d ago

People are so stupid, they see these pictures and many of them still think it could be better.

Of course because they think there's no end to what PS4 can do!!!

Talk about totally blinded by fanboyism

Truth is, these are probably photos of a real life room and not the The Last of Us 2 or any other game will ever be able to match it.

Davi1231232d ago

@ Lightning Mr Bubbles Ok... Do you have played the PT demo?

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bf0007779661233d ago

Let's be realistic, this game won't come till the end of this generation like its predecessor, I'd rather looking to uncharted 4

Kalebninja1233d ago

where are you getting this analysis? There is no reason to believe this as it's only had one game.

Nekroo911233d ago

Well ND has 2 studios, one for Uncharted series and the other one for the last of us.

So im sure they are already working on it.

Expect an announcment in 2017 and release date in 2018, 2 years after UC4.

MrSec841233d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

That's actually not very realistic, for one thing as a studio Naughty Dog only had like 80-100 staff at the beginning of the 7th gen, they have over 270 people working there now.
Second they have a very well optimized engine for PS4.
Thirdly they're drawing to the end of Nathan Drake's story, The Last of Us is already a fleshed out new franchise, with a single release in that new IP under their belt and they're now very familiar with the PS4, something that took them until Uncharted 2 to begin to make decent use of it, this is the case before even their 1st major PS4 exclusive is out.
If anything we'll be getting The Last of Us 2 next, a year or 2 after Uncharted 4 comes out.

Most likely Naughty Dog has a small team already working on pre-production and even some early prototyping, with a small of 20 odd people, hell they may even have a bigger amount of guys working on it than that, so that they can get their next game out in around a year, possibly at the end of 2017 at the latest.

I would think we'll probably get at least 2 games in The Last of Us series and a completely new IP from ND in the PS4's life and the studio will steadily grow to be an even bigger asset at Sony.

Game development nowadays has gotten to a point where a huge studio like ND have iterated so much on their tools and assets that really it's like refining features to be even better, without having to start from scratch all the time and that generally makes game development a much quicker process.

4 AAA games in a 7 year generation, on one of the most difficult consoles to develop for should show you how unlikely it will be that an IP they've already created can possible take another 4-5 years to release.
By 2019 when we maybe hear about the next Playstation ND will have at least 2 more major releases behind them and they'll be closing in on getting their 4th or maybe even their 5th PS4 game out.
Not counting remasters.

Imalwaysright1232d ago

@ Nekroo91 That is true but Druckmann and Straley are working on Uncharted 4. TloU wouldn't be the same without them.

warczar1232d ago


I think he's saying that because naughty dog doesn't crap out sequels like the Activisions and EAs of the world so the next last of us game will have at least a couple years development after uncharted.

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Neixus1233d ago

How unrealistic can you be? This is a photo of a real abondended hotel, with a girl and some HUD cut in.

There's no way it can look like this, although the game will sure look really good.

DeletedAcc1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

i know what it is i made it and that girl is from an tlou artwork made by ND

and it was a joke that i will be disappointed

if you want the real art with ellie: http://www.videogamesartwor...

i just hope it can come close... with a good artstyle it could be possible in a few years on ps4

inveni01233d ago

It's not even a good concept.

wellard1233d ago

I don't understand how this is news.

Here's some random pics I put together and they are so good that I'll be dissapointed when the real thing drops.


AnotherProGamer1233d ago

Don't ever doubt Naughty Dog

MetalGear811232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

@DeletedACC I know right :/

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago

The should be, but I feel ND will make it way better looking then this lol.

Nice photobashing btw. You did a good job conveying the The Last Of Us art direction

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago

@Deleted- your welcome. You just need to adjust the lighting on her and clean up a little edges and your fine. Keep it up.

JWiLL5521232d ago

Don't apologize, Naughty Dog can do better :p

FlameBaitGod1232d ago

How did a forums post get approved lol ?

wellard1232d ago

What type of narcissistic asshole thinks his work is better than ND. What type of narcissistic idiot is the first to comment in his own submission, especially with a self sucking high five comment like that. I almost feel embarrassed for you, almost. Hack.

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Godmars2901233d ago

Would think looking at Horizon Zero Dawn, either matching or rising expectations up a notch or two from there, the more saner thing to do than the wild speculation on display here.

isarai1233d ago

Looking at upcoming titles i'd say it can come shockingly close especially given it's linearity.

scark921233d ago

I personally hope for a new set of characters!

fitfox1232d ago

new set of characters but also bring back Ellie

Thatguy-3101233d ago

I want an older Ellie (17-18 yrs old), I'm hoping they don't go open world and just stay with the semi openness from the last of us. Furthermore, would love seeing how certain animals get infected as well. Hopefully we also get more of the encounters where you have to battle hunters and the infected together like in the left behind DlC.

AndrewLB1233d ago

Its Naughty Dog... of course it will be a linear, scripted, interactive QTE.

Revengeance1233d ago

You forgot to mention classic.

Spotie1233d ago Show
Travis37081233d ago

What's so bad about Linear games? We don't always have to explore the world...

DarXyde1233d ago

Never a dull moment with desperate Andrew.

You're not turning people off Naughty Dog games and you're not selling Xbox One with your embarrassing comments.

Give it a rest.

Over 200 GOTY awards and critical player acclaim disagree with your insistence on acting stupid, so do yourself a favor and stop.

Mr Logic1233d ago

Have you ever played a Naughty Dog game? QTEs are a Quantic Dream and God of War thing.

guyman1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Intetactive QTE? wtf are you smoking? They haven't released an interactive qte game before, insignificant troll.

JWiLL5521232d ago

Looks like someone has never played a Naughty Dog game before.

Germany71232d ago

Funny how Spotie comment is considered "Off-topic" and nothing happens with the troll comment, and it's not the first time coming from this guy.

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Dragonking0071232d ago

Naw I hope if goes open world like what other franchises have done lately and its been done so well like witcher 3 and metal gear solid like id like to create own fort or some have some kind of building up community finding people to help you out and live amongst each other.