Review: Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence (DarkZero)

Conor Hutton: "Months of meticulous planning. Developing the five bases my clan started with. Pumping money into developing the bases conscripts would increase the size of my army which would be essential in the upcoming battles. Alas I can’t have an army if I can’t feed them, so I also had to develop my bases agricultural sectors, more food and work also meant my population would increase which would provide more people for the army. However, you’re at nothing if you don’t have gold, gold is essential for developing your bases conscript and agricultural sectors so without it your clan will crumble. This means you also have to put gold into developing your bases craft sectors which will in turn increase your gold income. Early on in the game finding a balance between developing your conscript, agricultural and craft sectors is necessary to fuelling the armies you need to unify Japan and the gold will certainly come in handy for diplomacy."

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callahan091330d ago

This game is getting good reviews so far, some day I'll have to check it out.