DKS3713: Even more details on the games shown

Famitsu is revealing even more informations on all the games shown today.

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vloeistof3732d ago

i dont get it.
but it sounds good

eagle213732d ago

This is from wikipedia:

"The protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a young man with dark bluish-silver hair and crimson eyes. However, the color of both his eyes and his hair have been shown to change during battle, and Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the color changes are both intentional and significant. It has been confirmed that he is the last heir to the dynasty ruling over the last kingdom to control Crystals. He attempts to protect his kingdom against marauders who seek to conquer the city and take the Crystals by force. Nomura has compared the protagonist's family to the modern-day Japanese mafia, or Yakuza."

I can't wait to see the new trailer footage. Anyone find it? :)

B-Rein3732d ago

i read this on wikipedia 100 times or summin now lol

Viktor E3732d ago

The above Tags summarize Square Enixs successful DKS Event.

Vecta3732d ago

You really are insecure huh?

morganfell3732d ago

I am really looking forward to the Parasite Eve sequel. That was such a kick ass PS1 title.

iamtehpwn3732d ago

Yaaaahh Yew Amelicans wesh yew culd get Fanru Fantaji Info. =P

=| Seriously, Japanese to English translators never succeed.

B-Rein3732d ago

anata wa nihongo ga wakarimas ka?

iamtehpwn3732d ago



I got Rosetta Stone though. Learning a little. =P

B-Rein3732d ago

haha same i use Pimsleur japanese, learning aswel

iamtehpwn3732d ago

heh. Cool. Romaji is the definitely the way to go though. Kanji is nearly impossible.

B-Rein3731d ago

yep tru say my friend

xhi43731d ago

nice little IM sesh? haha

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