FIFA 09 Gameplay - Barca vs. Man Utd

Here is yet another new FIFA 09 gameplay video. After yesterday's footage of Arsenal vs Chelsea, here comes Barcelona vs Man United.

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DiLeCtioN4317d ago

just cus of online but i wanna see what PES has to offer

flexbox3604317d ago

im waiting for PES too. i know they will get it right this time.

rawd4317d ago

OMG the guy using Barca sucksss

farhsa20084317d ago

what is this junk, looks nothing like a football match, look how high the camera angle is, taking away the feeling of really being involved in the match, same old fifa, looks more like a pinball match, PES is gonna smash it this year, a REAL football game.

Sheddi4317d ago

I think the camera angle is adjustable...

micro_invader4316d ago

Yes, it is very adjustable. Also, farhsa2008, if you want to feel like you're really in the game then try "be a pro" mode.

While this isn't a drastic improvement over 08 it still looks better than what PES is offering this year.

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