Early Verdict: Madden NFL 09 Is Teh Suck!

Game Stooge writes: "I reported yesterday that two of the upcoming August EA Sports titles had their demos released, Madden NFL 09 and FaceBreaker. The demos have only been out for 24 hours now and the bad news is already coming in! Looking through some forums and blogs, it isn't looking pretty for fans of sports games - though most people who buys these games don't read reviews or previews, so Madden will probably sell out anyway."

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sonarus4322d ago

Madden 09 from what i can see seems to be better than madden 08. Facebreaker sucks though but thats cus i like more realistic boxing like fight night

highps34322d ago

It always looks just a bit better to encourage you to buy it. I seriously love football (Go Cowboys!) but when playing any of Madden games it just doesnt feel like football. I usually always buy them but figure this year im just going to pass and see what happends.

Maybe ill give in, maybe I wont. Either way im tired of paying 59.99 for a game that will most definitely have glitches (already rumored to have patch day 1, out of date rosters, etc Seriously why was Jeremy Shockey in the demo again?

One thing that pisses me off year after year is that they cant get the field goal posts to be straight. Its a jagged mess and looks horrible.

It will still sell well due to the casual players not caring or knowing any better. One day it will catch up to them and many people will never look back.

Seems like they might be doing something new with Madden 2010 from the sounds of things. Then again it will most likely be just a little bit better than 09..

It really sucks I either have to play this game or not play any football game. Thats a great choice. Wheres a pen so i can shove it in my eyes then maybe i wouldnt notice..

jamilion4322d ago

EA best Sports franchise is NHL!

marinelife94322d ago

Madden was alright. But Face breaker was TERRIBLE!

Megatron084322d ago

No surprise here Madden is crap and has been for years. Was hoping facebreaker was goin to be a fun punch out type game but oh well

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avacadosnorkel4322d ago

when the PS3 has the better version

Bnet3434322d ago

Madden has always sucked, where have you been?

gtafan4322d ago

You would think these Bastards would get a clue and let the crowd in on the action. I want to see and hear the crowds chanting and throwing paper balls and bottles at the players when they are playing bad. I want to be able to get into a fight if another player makes a wrong tackle like the famous horse collar. I want to celebrate a damn dance move at the end. I want to be able to talk to another player while playing. WTF is up with this company. Don't they have anyone there that is a true gamer and can actually think of this stuff. This game needs to get more real fast. I am tired of this not getting updated correctly, just get rid of whoever you have to get rid of and hire some new talent.

Yankeefan814322d ago

ok chill out its a demo on witch you control a minute plus of wait till the actaull game is relased before you make any judments this verdict is teh suck.!

Viktor E4322d ago

Xbox 360 Version of the game is the Culprit

mboojigga4322d ago

I love reading these idiotic comments.

NegativeCreep4274322d ago

Oh yeah, which explains yours...^^^

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The story is too old to be commented.