Why Metal Gear Solid V’s Prologue Might Be The Greatest Introduction To A Video Game Ever

There have been many great introductions to a video game in past years. Uncharted 2 for example is one of the most famous introductions with Nathan Drake climbing up a train that is hanging of a cliff. Then you have other great openings to other video game series like Mass Effect and Bioshock. I think Metal Gear Solid V’s prologue is just that one better compared to these classic introductions.

Warning: Does include spoilers from the opening mission so only read if you've completed it!

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Genuine-User1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Among the greatest in my opinion. The Last of Us, Uncharted 2, Bioshock and God of War 3 are right up there.

slate911326d ago

Didnt get a chance to see the last of us or bioshock, but I would definitely throw Mass Effect 2 in there as well.

scark921325d ago

The Last of Us had a suprising introduction, I love it! Defo among my favourites! I really like the intro to Far Cry 3 also!

Two-Face1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Are you serious Genuine-User?

The introduction was too silly for me."SPOILER ALERT" And I know Kojima is like that... but come on. So many silly moments.

Why is the enemy shooting every person lying down, but not Ahab and Ishmail when they are lying down playing dead? Why do the enemy never check under bed. Too many explosions that do nothing to them but kills the enemy. Giant flaming whale eating helicopter? The driving sequence is ridiculous.

So unrealistic and silly. Maybe deliberate, but Ground Zeroes was far more serious.

iistuii1325d ago

Agree. Also I was thinking get up, stop crawling aargh, get up ffs....

Forn1325d ago

TLoU will probably remain the best introduction in gaming history in my eyes.

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goldwyncq1326d ago

Certainly the most immersive one.

TM3331326d ago

Great headline, cuz that's exactly what I was thinking while playing through that intro last night. I was STUNNED by how immersive and amazing every bit of it was. Then, to see the realism of those hills in Afghanistan... I LOVE this game so far!

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Grap1326d ago

i didn't like the prologue. the rest is great.

KyRo1326d ago

I'm the complete opposite. The prologue felt like a true MGS game. After that it loses its MGS identity and decides it wants to be a cross between Far Cry and Red Dead. I miss the cut scenes and the feeling of progression through areas, not a open open world that all looks the same.

pivotplease1325d ago

So many Far Cry vibes. That and taking away the linearity of MGS really hurts the viability of tranquing enemies. They tend to get up and cause mayhem before you even get through the twenty other guys.

scark921325d ago

I do see similarities to those games and I do miss the cutscenes but I am loving it!

The Stealth is insanely good! Some missions are so intense when infiltrating!

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