Sony to Give PS Plus Members 'preferential access' to Project Morpheus at TGS

VRFocus reports on the news that PS Plus members will be getting 'preferential access' to Project Morpheus at Tokyo Game Show this month.

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Mr Pumblechook1325d ago

The article by Jamie Feltham at VR Focus is fundamentally bias into attempting to create negative feeling toward PlayStation. It could have said Sony is offering a 'special reward' for PS Plus subscribers. Instead he wrote 'preferential treatment' which implies improper conduct.

It's little subtle differences in wording which reveal a 'journalist's' preferences.

indysurfn1325d ago

Plus let's face it the only people that will be at that show that does not have ps plus are Nintendo, PC, or xbox employee's or fan boys. I mean come on, do we really think there is someone so hyped to go to a show but does not have ps plus with the amount of free QUALITY games!?

ChronoJoe1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

At Eurogamer there is a section of the floor where Sony will not let you in unless you have PS+.

I think it's cool that the rewards of PS+ extend beyond the digital. At Eurogamer the exclusive PS+ lounge was pretty chill. They gave you free water and sweets, and you could play Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3 or Fifa 15 till your heart was content.

The water in particular was greatly appreciated. You had to get your phone out and login to prove that you had Plus though. I thought it was interesting!

I should note though, that you could still play all of these games on the show floor in different boothes. The PS+ section just let you skip the ques as it was less populated, and obviously the freebies were a bonus.

Sethry1011325d ago

Sony offering preferential treatment to their target market... Shocking!!!


user99502791325d ago

It's official. Project Morpheus is behind a paywall.


Eonjay1325d ago

LOL well yeah but wait to you see the actual paywall... you know the price of the headset! Here hoping for something reasonable.

FlexLuger1325d ago

$250-$300. Ill bet money on that.

Godmars2901325d ago

In that you have to buy one when its available.

FlexLuger1325d ago

Paying subscribers SHOULD get preferential treatment.

Death1325d ago

In what regard?

Paying Plus subscribers should get preferential treatment as far as discounts and free downloads from the Plus service go. Morpheus is a new platform that is focused on VR and has nothing to do with game rentals and discounts. Why segregate gamers further when Morpheus is already set to fracture the userbase already?

DanielGearSolid1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

what are you talking about???

Preferential treatment for a demo kiosk doesn't = segregation

everyone can still get a chance to try it

stop crying

Death1325d ago


"the separation for special treatment or observation of individuals or items from a larger group"


Depending on how many people attend, it's doubtful that everyone will get a chance to try it. Plus subscribers will get "preferential access" according to the story. You did read the story didn't you?

DanielGearSolid1324d ago

Smh... The old u didn't read the article tactic...

Let's ignore the fact that u also used the term treatment in your previous comment

The point is your talking about the vr userbase as a whole being segregated...

When all it is preferential access to a demo kiosk at a single event.

PS- you're right it is segregation.

Godmars2901325d ago

But then you have to pay for online multiplayer on PS4.

FlexLuger1325d ago

"Morpheus is a new platform that is focused on VR and has nothing to do with game rentals and discounts. Why segregate gamers further when Morpheus is already set to fracture the userbase already?"

Morpheus is still a long way off. So there will be plenty of chances to show it off then. if this is going to be its first hands on, then the ques will be insane... then surely the customers who have invested the most in the platform should get a first look in. I am still on the fence about VR as a whole. also my PSN+ expires in november. So It probably discounts me, depending on if I renew or not,even if I was going to this event. Which im am not.So I dont want you to think, im taking some paying privaliged customer type of stance here, even though I can understand it coming across that way. PSN+ and XBL are services and people often complain about not getting their moneys worth so, is this not a good way to extend onwership into feeling more like part of a club? Im just trying to see it from their perspective here. I could have cried foul and given my comment history simply seen as pissing on sonys parade..but I agree with them on this one. Look after your active paying customers.

Godmars290 + 5h ago
"But then you have to pay for online multiplayer on PS4."

Of course, but as we have seen time and time again on N4G, some people dont feel like they get enough out of these services. MS give away all sorts of freebies to lucky XBL gold members at PAX, gamescom etc. including tickets to go to these events..but you have to be a gold member to even have a chance. I dont see this as any different to that. give your paying active customers these little first glimpses, first. They are more than likely the ones who are actually gonna buy it.

I get it from gamers points of view. they want as much for free as possible..first in line..early access... online play...and they dont want to pay for any of it. but when you consider the fact that this thing will probably cost in the region of $250 (lowest guess) and require a PSN sub to play many of its games online...You have to wonder if the people complaining were even gonna buy this thing anyway...they got a problem paying with PSN, but claim that they cant wait to shell out a few hundred bucks on a VR helmet? that dont make sense...It probably dont make sense to sony they show it to the customers you KNOW got the money for it, first and foremost. You dnt want the cueing up behind window shoppers.

I know that sounds harsh but it is, what it is. I am pretty sure PSN+ members who are attending this event will appreciate the gesture, and will be delighted to know they wont have to cue. They might even feel like part of a club of sorts.

Automatic791325d ago

Is the TGS being shown on TV would like to hear news about Sony games lineup.

Yetter1325d ago

I wonder how this is gonna work? I'm gonna be at TGS, I am not a PS+ member but I'd really like to try out Morpheus. Maybe its worth signing up for the month.