Forget Mario, Let’s talk about Peach

KSD writes: She is the damsel in distress, constantly kidnapped and saved by men. She’s the parasol-wielding badass. She encapsulates everything wrong with the way women are represented in games. She encapsulates everything right about how that representation is improving. She is the epitome of weakness, with next to no narrative power of her own. She is the epitome of strength, a monarch who rules her kingdom fairly and loyally. She is the worst female videogame character ever; she is the best female videogame character ever.

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user99502791322d ago

I'm beginning to think that giant lizards are her guilty pleasure. A wicked case of Stockholm syndrome after 30 years.

wonderfulmonkeyman1322d ago

That earned you a funny bubble.XD

Pookandpie1322d ago

Is this article supposed to be funny or some kind of parody?

Sly-Lupin1321d ago

I like how in Japanese "Peach" and "Bitch" are nearly identical.