1UP: Square Enix DKS3713 Event Report


"So, I'm here at Square Enix's unpronounceable fan event in the Harajuku ward of Tokyo, Japan. I'm at a building called "QUEST," which would be awesome if it were chosen as Square acknowledgement that they own the developer Quest and intend to do something with the Ogre series. But, they don't! Go back to being disappointed."

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cloudman4326d ago

Yeh Square should do something with Ogre battle

the Ogre battle team made FF tactics

and now the leader of the team left and Tactics aint as good

Square needs more talents!!!

Dark vader4326d ago

Well i am satisfy with the event. Final fantasy versus will remain exclusive, plus we have a bunch of new psp games from square enix. It was a good day for playstation fan all around.