Raiden’s better than Snake

GE writes" "From the very beginning, Snake held a big place in our hearts as we made our way through Shadow Moses, and uncovering it’s many mysteries and beating the many strange bosses. He was the hero we knew and loved, so why would anyone want to play as another character? I remember being a child and playing games with my brother, telling him that “I’ll be Snake” as I army crawled around the room as if on a secret stealth mission. Snake was the hero and seemingly made Metal Gear Solid all about good old Snake.

Then, we came to Metal Gear Solid 2, and we began the game as our beloved and much updated Snake, making our way through the boat to uncover and expose the new Metal Gear. It’s an intense mission and as it ends, you find yourself wanting more, and that’s when Raiden comes in.

Who is this blonde haired kid and why am I not playing as Snake?"

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eddieistheillest1323d ago

I like Raiden , but better than Snake ? nahhhhh. But it is an opinion and I respect that .

nevin11323d ago

I didn't mind Raiden either( I hated those conversations with Rose though) but I'm not a fan of Cyber Raiden.

nevin11323d ago

I didn't mind Raiden either ( I hated those conversations with Rose though) but I'm not a fan of Cyber Raiden.

TXIDarkAvenger1323d ago

Well he never said that Raiden was better than Snake in the article. Just a click n bait title.

solidboss071323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

How was Raiden better than Snake? Did he have more abilities or a different move set in Sons of Liberty? If you liked him, good, I liked him as an operative.

morganfell1323d ago

"What was the point of the article?"

Clicks n hits.

svoulis1323d ago

What kills the entire idea of liking Raiden as a playable character is what he became. As a cyborg its hard to say hes a good soldier since hes...a cyborg...

Snake..Snake is...Snake...Battle hardened from his past, and the skill set (Though exaggerated) can not be compared.

Raiden in my opinion is like...the cool side mission guy you liked playing with in VR Missions (Ninja).

Scatpants1323d ago

I remember when MGS2 came out I was so disappointed in how much I had to play as Raiden. Kind of ruined the game a little. It is my least favorite MGS game.

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