Reports Show the Availability of Games Still Remains a Number One Priority

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“Whilst it is easy to question the motives of gaming companies in recent years, it may not come as a surprise to hear how the availability of games still remains their number one priority.”

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cynicgamer1330d ago

Interesting piece. Would be nice to see the individual markets for Microsoft. Last I checked, they were doing pretty bad in Europe.

c00lvilKid691329d ago

I think Microsoft spread themselves too thin sometimes. It didn’t help that the Xbox One produced some fairly poor sales.

Yukes1329d ago

Only to date ;) They're going about things in the right way now I'd say.

XxNxWxOxX1330d ago

Good to see Sony predicting a shift from older gen to new gen, while it should be obvious at this point that the older gen will come to a slow end, I feel that shift to new gen would be best for the gaming world as a whole. While availability should be a top priority, quality should be a close second. When you are making games for four diffrent systems with different capabilities you are going to lose quality.

c00lvilKid691330d ago

Sony were incredibly reserved with their predictions, I feel. Like you said, it seems like an obvious shift but I guess they still have to account for it.

GamerGabs1329d ago

Always interesting to see the figures and get an idea for what the companies are planning for the next year.

c00lvilKid691329d ago

Yeah, it’s nice to see what kind of direction they are going for :)

Joystickero1329d ago

I'm not against consoles having other cool features, but games have always and should always be number one priority!