Red Faction Guerrilla Multiplayer Videos, Jetpacks and Lots of Explosions

Kotaku writes: "If you haven't already gotten your hands on the Red Faction: Guerrilla Multiplayer Beta which hit Xbox Live today, we have some videos so you can drool over its sheer awesomeness. The game really brings back memories of late nights with Perfect Dark: Zero. Jetpacks? Grenades? Explosions? Count us in!"

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Bombibomb4318d ago

Looks like they weren't kidding when they said you could destroy just about everything. If this one's anything like the original it'll be a great game.

THC CELL4318d ago

in terms of the old RF this is not all that

gfx's look ok
i feel this will be a game to buy and play solo

i mean remember if u have played the old one u could make tunnels under the ground and walk in there maybe its cause of the MP balance i dont no but come on this could be better

Hellsvacancy4318d ago

but i still think they should of left it as a Fps or atleast give u the option 2 switch between 1st-person/3rd-person it works well with the hitman games

Dark SeRaNADE4318d ago

wow, looks impressive! anyone else thinks though the aiming in this is like Lost planets aiming? hope it runs faster than lost planet though! it would take forever to aim around!

Good game though! might be a first day buy depending on the single player! (thumbs up)