PS3 Exclusive FIFA 09 Mode Revealed At Leipzig News

An update to the official FIFA Soccer Blog has revealed that the exclusive mode heavily touted for the PlayStation3 version of FIFA 09 will be unveiled at the forthcoming Leipzig Games Convention.

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cahill4323d ago

fifa 08 sold most on ps3 even when the ps3 was having half the userbase as the competition. Now with ps3 almost projected to overtake competition by this year thats a logical decision.

trust me this game will be huge on ps3 in europe

darkshiz4323d ago

Especially Soccer is very popular over there and the whole world, kind of excluding America since they like football and baseball the most.

Agent VX4323d ago

LOL, are you for real??? There is absolutely "NO" projections that say the PS3 will take over the 360 this year!!! I doubt that is will surpass the 360 in 09 either.

As for what "Extra" mode this game has for the PS3, will have to be seen.

Though, I can't say I couldn't care less, as I haven't bought a soccer game since the mid 90's. NHL games are soooo much better.

Tomdc4323d ago

Its not called "soccer" its called "football"!!!

Why else would they feel the need to put the word "American" in front of your sport? =P

SuperM4323d ago

American football is not really football. They use their hands more then their feet. I think they should call it american rugby or something instead. Soccer is the real football, you arent allowed to use hands unless you are the keeper.

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dale14323d ago

up loads to you tube nice feature

whoelse4323d ago

I hope more games implement that feature!

InMyOpinion4323d ago

Consolation prize for getting the gimped version.

user8586214323d ago

let me rephrase that

Consolation prize for not!! getting the gimped version :P

GameDev4323d ago

is that xbot sourgrapes??

sucks to know your platform will be second fiddle to one of the largest publishers in the industry huh??


byeGollum4323d ago

american football should be called 'soccer'. European footy, you actually use your legs the whole time geez

thenickel4323d ago

There is nothing wrong with the name football simply because you have to run the ball on foot. Now Soccer should be called kickball maybe but leave the American name alone.

Bigrhyno4323d ago

While I don't necessarily disagree about how we shouldn't call it soccer, you can't really get mad at Americans for calling it soccer since that is what we were raised to call it.

Siesser4323d ago

There's a very good reason WHY we call it soccer. I don't remember off the top of my head all of the details, but a long, long time ago (centuries), some guys started playing a game where they kicked a skull around. Boom. Beginning of "football." Then it got outlawed by King Henry the something or other, because it was viewed as a waste of time. After his removal from kingship, it was officiallized and legalized and all that good stuff, and it was "Associated Football." As-socc-iated. Soccer was the layman for the sport, and was actually used sometimes before the sport came to the US.

As for our football? Derived from Rugby, which was created by accident at Rugby School. This is why Rubgy is usually capitalized.

vdesai4323d ago


Ok so now we have that out of the way I have noticed the hate that Americans have to Europeans and vice versa, but I find it interesting how America has to be backwards in many categories. First of all we drive on the wrong side of the road leading to more accidents, this is because people from ANYWHERE else in the world come to America and have a hard time getting used to the new system. Call Football, Soccer while it should be called football and think Rugby is where you get a ball and run around but in fact rugby is very similar to football has goalposts (not used the same way), Rugby has huddles, You can pass, etc. Now the constant need to be unique is just a bunch of BS people use to explain these things. But its the need for them to say FU world do whatever you can about it. I fear I may be buried in disagrees. Now back on topic.


This maybe due to that exclusive content that sony is supposedly forcing third parties to make.

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farhsa20084323d ago

this game is gonna suck exclusive features or not, PES OWNS football

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