PALGN: Killzone 2 Preview - It's not pre-rendered any more

PALGN writes: "Hype is an interesting, and often frustrating thing in the gaming industry. Countless games never live up to the lofty expectations of their creators, but sometimes hype can aid the success of games which did actually meet the standards of the hype. In the case of Killzone 2, expectations are quite high, ever since the now infamous E3 2005 CG trailer was shown, revealing an intense and chaotic war zone with high levels of detail. While it turned out that trailer was indeed a fake, the real Killzone 2 seems to be delivering what was promised, and in some ways surpassing it. We recently were given hands on time with the latest E3 build, and we came out yearning for more.

The level we played was straight from the Sony Gamer's Day, except longer and now with a tank to commandeer. Your team is sent to assault the Corinth River and spearhead the Helghast encampment residing there, which the mission briefing states is a rather small level of resistance. The problem however, is the term 'small' was a downright lie, as the opening cut-scene shows you and your team flying towards the beach on drop ships known as 'infiltrators', being bombarded with an enormous amount of anti-air fire. The anti-air fire kills off many other infiltrators around you, with one colliding into another up front, and flaming debris slamming into your own ship. This causes your ship to crash into the sandy beach, and through that, the cut-scene seamlessly transitions into gameplay and moving through the Helghan defences."

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Counter_ACT4327d ago

The real-time gameplay was shown in 2007. It hasn't been pre-rendered for a looong time.

cahill4327d ago

"As long as Guerrilla keep the rest of the game as consistent as the preview build, PlayStation 3 owners are in for one absolutely killer title."

Goty 2009

wildcat4326d ago

It was a target render, many devs use them to show the look and feel of what they're trying to achieve. Is there a link to a Guerilla developer stating that the trailer was real-time running off of the PS3 that I'm missing?

clintos594326d ago

All I know is GG has shut all the critics up saying it was fake and can be done on the ps3. And from what we have all seen thus far in the new gameplay videos, I think it is safe to say that they have reached there goal and even surpassed it in some ways. Its just good to see that the game is coming along real good and cant wait to be in the beta murdering some of ya, lol. :P

Shane Kim4326d ago

I know what you mean man. This sentence right here "While it turned out that trailer was indeed a fake" really shows how unprofessional the writer is.

mistertwoturbo4326d ago

Yeah they never said "Here's a trailer running off 100% on PS3 hardware"

They just showed the trailer. And that's it.

jkhan4326d ago

Not be the pessimist over here. I love Killzone 2 as much as you guys do. But if anyone of you look at E3 2005 after party interview with Jack Tretton. He was the one who said that it was all real.

I could care less. I am as much hyped about Killzone 2 as anyone. But the truth is initially Jack claimed it was all real time in numerous interviews.

Gamingisfornerds4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Actually, he never said that with so many words. He kind of avoided the quesiton which was in the lines of: "were some off those trailers CG" where he first says it's all real, but then immediately mentiones 'Ted' to imply he's only referring to Insomniacs Resistance.

A bit confusing, and avoiding the actual question. He knew bloody well that Jeff was refering to the Killzone footage and he sure doesn't go out of his way to make clear the footage of Killzone is actually CGI. He deliberately leaves that question in the open. Typical politician avoidance skills from Jack and poor interviewing skills from Jeff.

Either way, it doesn't matter anymore. The game looks fantastic, nothing like the CGI trailer from back then, but then nothing does nor will this gen anyway.

rockleex4326d ago

Well I believe if they change the color palette for Killzone 2, it would look just like the CGI trailer.

Hopefully other stages in the game have different colored palettes. Its a different planet, they should let their imagination run wild and come up with weird environments/weather.

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pp4326d ago

Who gives a sh*t if its pre-rendered or not the game is crap its just another shooter


Why do u always have to diss everything PS3.
This game has visuals your crapbox can only dream about.

TheXgamerLive4326d ago

This game only has visuals that have maybe 1/4 of the visual clarity or detail of Gears of War 1 and much less quality of Gears of War 2.

Seriously people, enlarge an image, it's all shades of gray and very little detail. It cracks me up to hear about how it's looking, b/c it's not looking. RFOM2, has better visuals that KZ2 and it's last demo was horrible, I mean when you looked at the ground,.....well there was none as in when they showed it's so called giant monster, they had to use all the memory for the monster so there was no ground, none whatsoever. It's always so many sacrifices have to go into doing a decent game for the ps3, it's never a complete game, never.

The ps3 mandatory yes mandatory not optional again as we Xbox 360 users are having, your mandatory downloads are the only way the ps3 can run a decent game w/o bottlenecking, it's so pathetic. It has NOTHING at all to do with 3 second faster loading times, it's so they POS machine can even handle the game at all. SAD.

I wouldn't play a ps3 if they gave me one for me, there not for true gamers, only Blu Ray movie players.

zapass4326d ago

no really, I must admit it's quite entertaining to observe you, from a zoological point of view :)

TheXgamerLive4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Just open your eyes and look at it's shades of gray and it's non descript graphics. Some up close gravel looks ok, but that's up close, in the distances though things aren't detailed at all, it's all smooth w/nothing good to say about it.
Aside from that, the game play I think will be great, the ps3 will love this type of fps for the system but I still feel RFOM2 will kick KZ2's butt.

RoyBoys4326d ago

Tee hee! R2 isn't coming out till December. Ofcoarse the ground isn't done YET. They just wanted to show a taste of the game. Same with KZ2 it isn't coming out till Spring! That is a lo t of developemental time. Atleast we have more games than Halo, Gears, and Mass Effect. And Mass Effect is better on the PC

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Nervz4326d ago

Jack was talking about Ted at insomniac was doing 'Real gameplay' 04'10

The interviewer said other demos including KZ2. Obviously the interviewer was focussed on KZ2 but killzone was a trailer not a demo. Jack was talking about RFOM and the real gameplay.

Gamingisfornerds4326d ago

Copy/paste from the youtube comments section. ;p

iM_PuLsE4326d ago

Actually if you listen correctly he is talking about Ted and Resistance, because Ted is from Insomniac not GG.

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