Gamespot Review: Buzz! Master Quiz

Virtual quizmaster Buzz has been hanging around PlayStation consoles for several years now, but Buzz! Master Quiz is the Muppet look-alike's first appearance on Sony's handheld unit. Fans of Buzz's previous console outings may be wondering how a game so well suited for multiplayer shenanigans translates to a format better known for solo gaming, and the bad news is that the transition hasn't been that successful. Although there's some fun to be had for those who desperately need their trivia to go, Buzz! Master Quiz simply feels lacking in both its single- and multiplayer offerings.

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BulletToothtony4393d ago

but then again this is gamespot.. whenever they can get away with bashing the ps3.. they can't hold back

Vojkan4393d ago

no he meant PS3, because like ton of other idiots that visit this site, only reads title and looks at score.