Bioshock's Boxart gets a redo (PS3)

2k has just revealed the new boxart for BioShock PS3, hit the link to see the full sized pic

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Will_Smith4395d ago

wait... has anybody noticed there is no Home Logo?? was that whole Home before Bioshock a lie?

please say no :(

sushipoop4395d ago

The BioShock Home integration wasn't a lie but that box art with the Home logo was fake.

chaosatom4395d ago

we already know warhawk and resistance 1 support it but there is no logo.

So yeah, it will definitely has some home support.

Dark General4395d ago

Maybe it's on the back of the box.

whoelse4395d ago

Yeah, i like the new look.

solidt124395d ago

ain't the little sister so quite with her glowing eyes.

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beast4395d ago

What happened to my HOME logo :(

DrPirate4395d ago

Looks awesome

*Looks for IGN/Gamespot/1up watermarks*

sushipoop4395d ago

looking good. can't wait for the exclusive content.

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The story is too old to be commented.